Success Stories

February 11, 2011

Class in session

Students conquer flames and fear in Burn Building

It’s the classroom that’s engulfed in flames every time it’s used, but never burns down. It’s a litmus test for aspiring fire fighters that defines whether they have the aptitude and courage required to embark upon a career in the fire service. It’s JIBC's Burn Building.

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February 11, 2011

Global learning

JIBC School of Health Sciences helps build the ambulance service of Hong Kong’s future

The Hong Kong Ambulance Command is recognized in Southeast Asia as leaders in the full spectrum of emergency medical services. Thanks in part to their partnership with JIBC, the Ambulance Command is better prepared to manage the growing volume of calls.

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Tags: international, School of Health Sciences, SOHS

February 11, 2011

Safe landing

Conflict resolution graduate applies knowledge and skills inside and outside of the cockpit

“The skills I developed though this program have not only made me a better pilot but have had real value in many other aspects of my professional and personal life,” says Teara Fraser about JIBC's Conflict Resolution program.

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February 11, 2011

Safer communities

Researching strategies to address family violence in South Asian communities

“Intervening into situations where there is domestic partner violence in South Asian homes should be done in a culturally respective way," says Gary Thandi, a researcher with JIBC's Centre for the Prevention & Reduction of Violence.

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Tags: applied research

February 11, 2011

Study hall

Preparing police recruits for the responsibility of using a firearm

A handgun is just one of many tools available to a police officer. If and when any of the JIBC police recruits is called upon to use their firearm, it will be with the confidence, discipline and decisiveness instilled by Steve Miller and his team.

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Tags: police academy, shooting range

February 10, 2011

Innovative education

JIBC offers Canada’s first course on geographic information systems (GIS) for emergency managers

In 1854 Dr. John Snow discovered the cause of a major cholera outbreak in London’s Soho district by using a simple tool: a map. Snow’s groundbreaking work was an early example of the powerful impact of visually depicting data.

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Tags: emergency management, geographic information systems, GIS

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