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ABLS-1110 ABLD110 Philosophy, Values and Ethics of Aboriginal Leadership
ABLS-1111 ABLD111 Individual and Community Wellness in Aboriginal Contexts
ABLS-1112 ABLD112 Aboriginal Leadership Development
ABLS-1113 ABLD113 Writing & Research Skills
ABLS-1114 ABLD114 Introduction to Dispute Resolution: Level I
ABLS-1115 ABLD115 Aboriginal Justice and Governance Models
ABLS-1116 ABLD116 Change Management: Aboriginal Organizations
ABLS-1117 ABLD117 Dispute Resolutions Level 2: Overcoming the Past
ABLS-1118 ABLD118 Introduction to Project Management
ABLS-1150 ABLD150 Workplace Based Practicum
BIOL-2101 BISC201 Biological Sciences 1
BIOL-2102 BISC202 Biological Sciences 2
BIOL-2103 BISC203 Biological Sciences 3
BIOL-2203 BIOL203 Human Anatomy and Physiology
BLAW-1000 BYLAW101 Bylaw Compliance, Enforcement & Investigative Skills 1
BLAW-1005 BYLAW102 Bylaw Compliance, Enforcement & Investigative Skills 2
BUSN-1100 BCMNS110 Business Communications
BUSN-1101 BUSN110 Introduction to Human Resource Management
BUSN-3100 BUSN300 Organizational Behaviour
BUSN-3110 BUSN301 Project Management
BUSN-3110 FSS230 Essentials of Project Management in the Fire Service
BUSN-3110 FIRE-2130 Essentials of Project Management in the Fire Service
BUSN-3115 BUSN305 Data & Research Management
BUSN-4100 BUSN400 Labour Law in Canada
BUSN-4115 BUSN405 Human Resource Management
BUSN-4120 BUSN410 Financial Management for Law Enforcement
CCAD-1000 CCA100 Orientation Training
CCAD-1005 CCA105 Intro to the Justice System
CCAD-1010 CCA110 Intro to Court Programs
CCAD-1015 CCA115 Intro Court Roles & Processes
CCAD-1020 CCA120 You in Your New Role
CCAD-1025 CCA125 Self Wellness & Client Service
CCAD-1026 CCA126 Wellness in the Workplace
CCLO-3300 CCLO300 Administrative Law
CCLO-3301 CCLO301 Vulnerable Populations in Licensed Community Care Facilities
CCLO-3302 CCLO302 Ethics in Licensing Practice
CCLO-3303 CCLO303 Lifespan Development
CCLO-3304 CCLO304 Collaborative Conflict Resolution
CCLO-3405 CCLO405 Human Relations
CCLO-3406 CCLO406 Inspection, Compliance and Enforcement
CCLO-3407 CCLO407 Investigations
CCLO-3408 CCLO408 Professional Accountability in Licensing
CCLO-3409 CCLO409 Capstone Project in Licensing Practice
CCLO-3410 CCLO410 Practice Experience
CFAM-1000 MCF121 CYMH Infant Mental Health 1
CFAM-1005 MCF122 Cymh Infant Mental Health 2
CFAM-1010 MCF701 Adoption Worker Training 1
CFAM-1015 MCF702 Adoption Worker Training 2
CFAM-1020 MCF703 Adoption Worker Training 3
CFAM-1025 MCF705 Adoption Worker Training 2/3
CFAM-1030 YCD100 Building Capacity for Collaborative Practice
CFAM-1035 COUNS207 Trauma Informed Approach to Working with Children and Youth
CFAM-1040 MCFD Permanency Planning
CFAM-1100 CWT131 Strength Based Practices & Intervention
CFAM-1105 CWT132 Structured Decision Making
CFAM-1110 CWT134 Resource Worker Training Program
CFAM-1115 CWT145 Understanding Child Abuse & Neglect
CFAM-1120 CWT148 Legal Skills & Procedures for Child Welfare Worker
CFAM-1125 CWT149 Interviewing Part 2
CFAM-1130 CWT170 Overview of Legislation & Standards
CISM-1000 CISM100 Introduction to Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
CISM-1005 CISM101 Diversity & Trauma
CISM-1010 CISM102 Demobilization, Defusing and Crisis Management Debriefing
CISM-1015 CISM103 Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
CISM-1020 CISM206 Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Simulation
CISM-1025 CISM202 Managing Responses to Community Disasters
CISM-1030 CISM201 Psychological First Aid
CISM-1035 CISM200 Post-Critical Incident Stress Reactions
CISM-1040 CISM203 Effective Team Participation
CISM-1045 CISM204 Trauma, Children & Youth
CISM-1050 CISM205 Vicarious Traumatization
CISM-1700 CISM999 Responding to Children & Youth Critical Incidents
CLIV-1000 CLIV-1000 Community Living Home Study
CLIV-1110 CLBC100 Clbc Managers Training
CLIV-1120 CLBC101 Analyst Facillitator
CLIV-1140 CLBC103 Adult Guardianship
CORR-1000 APO155 The Adult Probation Officer
CORR-1010 APO160 Foundation Skills
CORR-1011 CORCOM006 Pers Safety Awareness for Comm Corr Admin Staff BC
CORR-1012 CORCOM007 Pers Safety Awareness for Comm Corr Professional Staff BC
CORR-1013 APO168 Discrimination Prevention for Community Corrections
CORR-1020 APO146 Interviewing Skills for Probation Officers
CORR-1021 APO162 Enforcement & Administration
CORR-1022 APO161 Risk Assessment & Case Management Risk Assessment & Case Mgmt
CORR-1030 APO171 Prof Ethics & Standards of Conduct Professional Ethics and Standards of Conduct
CORR-1031 APO167 Information Management
CORR-1032 APO133 Alternative Measures & Community Work Service
CORR-1033 APO157 Understanding Relationship Violence
CORR-1034 COPO110 Overview of Aboriginal Justice Issues
CORR-1035 APO143 Conditional Sentence Management Conditional Sentence Mgmt
CORR-1036 APO144 Conditional Sentence CORNET Entry
CORR-1040 APO139 Risk Needs Assessment Based Pre-Sentence Report (PSR)
CORR-1041 APO149 Sentencing Considerations for Aboriginal Offenders
CORR-1042 APO141 Working Effectively with Women Offenders
CORR-1043 APO145 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Dis. (adult Prob) Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (adult Probation)
CORR-1050 APO164 Managing Domestic Violence Offenders
CORR-1051 APO163 Effective & Purposeful Interventions
CORR-1052 APO169 Pro-Social Modelling
CORR-1053 CORCOM001 Advanced Motivational Interviewing
CORR-1100 ASO111 Introduction to Sex Offenders