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SHER-1260 CRTS913 Advanced Escort Night Training (External)
FIRE-1270 FPIN150 Fire Cause & Origin 1
FIRE-1275 FPIN175 Fire Cause & Origin 2
FIRE-1280 FPIN180 Fire Cause & Origin 3
CORR-1201 SOAP106 2007/ACUTE-2007 Sex Offender Needs Assessment
ESMS-1200 ESM120 A Systems Approach to Business
CORR-1333 ACO133 Aboriginal Awareness
LAWS-2205 LESD207 Aboriginal Justice
ABLS-1115 ABLD115 Aboriginal Justice and Governance Models
ABLS-1112 ABLD112 Aboriginal Leadership Development
LAWS-4005 ABL401 Aboriginal People and Policy
YJUS-1112 YPO311 Aboriginal Youth in the Justice System
ENGL-1100 ENGL100 Academic Writing
PARA-3353 PARA353 ACP Classic Cases I - Trauma
PARA-3352 PARA352 ACP Classic Cases I - Cardiovascular and Respiratory
PARA-2321 PCC321 ACP Paramedic Classic Cases
PARA-2341 PCL341 ACP Paramedic Clinical
PARA-2311 PCS311 ACP Paramedic Core Skills
PARA-2342 PPR342 ACP Paramedic Preceptorship
PARA-2302 PSC302 ACP Paramedic Sciences
PARA-BACP1 ACP Program Fees Term 1
PARA-BACP2 ACP Program Fees Term 2
PARA-BACP3 ACP Program Fees Term 3
CCLO-3300 CCLO300 Administrative Law
CFAM-1010 MCF701 Adoption Worker Training 1
CFAM-1015 MCF702 Adoption Worker Training 2
CFAM-1025 MCF705 Adoption Worker Training 2/3
CFAM-1020 MCF703 Adoption Worker Training 3
CORR-1613 SYSAC150 Adult Custody
CLIV-1140 CLBC103 Adult Guardianship
FIRE-1002 FSFK120 Adv Fire Fighter Knowledge
INTL-5200 INTL502 Advanced Analytical Techniques
INVE-1428 Advanced Bga Chip-Off Forensics
ESMS-4340 ESM444 Advanced Business Continuity Management
HLTH-1100 CPD100 Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Provider
HLTH-1101 CPD110 Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Update
HLTH-1102 CPD125 Advanced Cardiac Life Support - Experienced Providers
HLTH-1107 CPD120 Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor
HLTH-1108 CPD103 Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor Update
PARA-1610 ACPIS000 Advanced Care Paramedic - IS
CORR-1334 ACO134 Advanced Case Management
CORR-1335 NCCJ117 Advanced Case Management (Online Component)
SHER-1200 AST141 Advanced Escort Driver Training
INDC-1250 INDC250 Advanced Facilitation
FIRE-1005 FSSK125 Advanced Fire Fighter Skills
FIRE-1403 MRCAST Advanced Fire Fighting Officer Certificate
PLCE-1230 POLAVD720 Advanced Forensic Interviewing
INVE-1427 Advanced JTAG Mobile Forensic Training
CORR-1053 CORCOM001 Advanced Motivational Interviewing
PLCE-1231 POLVADV721 Advanced Professional Standards & Internal Investigations
SCRT-1603 PSP126 Advanced Security Instructor Recertification
SCRT-1609 PSP124 Advanced Security Training
SCRT-1602 PSP125 Advanced Security Training Instructor
PLCE-1214 POLADV647 Advanced Tactical Surveillance Training
FIRE-1546 EVO146 Aerial Apparatus Driver/ Operator NFPA 1002 4&6
FIRE-1560 EVO160 Aerial Strategies & Tactics
FIRE-1562 FSDEX103 Aerial Strategies & Tactics Workshop
SEVE-1003 AFOT Conference
FIRE-1452 FS103 Air Management
COUN-1110 AD129 All My Relations: Working with Aboriginal Clients
CORR-1032 APO133 Alternative Measures & Community Work Service
COUN-1015 COUNS288 An Introduction to the DSM-5
CLIV-1120 CLBC101 Analyst Facillitator
INTL-5370 INTL507 Analytical Methodologies for Tactical Criminal Intelligence
INTL-5260 INTL512 Analyzing Financial Crimes
INVE-1006 IE160 Application for & Execution of Search Warrants
INVE-1400 Application of Major Case ManaagementýThe Workplace
ETHS-1100 ETHS100 Applied Ethics
LAWS-2204 LESD206 Applied Ethics for a Law Enforcement Environment
LAWS-1206 LESD104 Applied Law Enforcement 1
LAWS-2203 LESD204 Applied Law Enforcement 2
CRES-1852 CCR240 Applied Perspectives on Conflict and Negotiation
LAWS-4000 BLES410 Applied Research in Public Safety and Law Enforcement
CRES-1725 CCR125 Applying Brain Mechanics to Resolve Conflict
SCRT-1607 PSP324 Armoured Car Guard Firearms Instructor
SCRT-1608 PSP325 Armoured Car Guard Firearms Instructor Re-Certification
SCRT-1606 PSP322 Armoured Car Guard Handgun Retention Instructor
SCRT-1605 PSP321 Armoured Car Guard Use of Force Instructor Certification
PLCE-1100 POLACT100 Arrest & Control Tactics 1
PLCE-1101 POLACT130 Arrest & Control Tactics 3
CRES-1408 CCR208 Art of Reframing
CRES-1404 CCR204 Asking Better Questions
CRES-1305 CCR105 Asserting Yourself in Conflict Situations
CRES-1715 CCR115 Assertion: Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say
COUN-5205 CT502 Assessment & Treatment Planning in Complex Trauma
COUN-1115 AD403 Assessment Practices
CRES-1552 ACCRWC299 Assessment: Associate Certificate in Workplace Conflict
LEAD-1559 LEAD199 Assessment: Certificate Applied Leadership
CRES-1561 ACCRN299 Assessment: Conflict Resolution Specialization in Negotiation
CRES-1560 ACCRM299 Assessment: Conflict Resolution/ Specialization in Mediation
CRES-1570 AFM299 Assessment: Family Mediation
CRES-1551 ACCRCC299 Assessment:Associate Certificate in Conflict Coaching
CRES-1550 ALCR299 Assessment:Associate Certificate Leadership & ConRes
PLCE-1002 POLATC101 Assessor Promotion Upgrade Training
PLCE-1001 POLATC100 Assessor Training
EMRG-1750 SAR150 Avalanche Skills for Search and Rescue
ESMS-4900 ESM490 Bachelor of Emergency & Security Management Studies Capstone
PSAD-4900 FSS499 Bachelor of Public Safety Administration Capstone
YJUS-1102 YPO301 Bail and Detention Before Sentencing
CRES-1472 CCR172 Balancing Empathy & Assertion