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Course Code Previous Course Codesort icon Course Title
CORR-1405 ACO145 Inst. Safety & Security. Nunavut
CORR-1406 ACO146 Physical Intervention Nunavut
CORR-1410 ACO147 Foundations of Leadership Nunavut
PARA-1610 ACPIS000 Advanced Care Paramedic - IS
CORR-1340 ACUS181 Giving & Receiving Feedback
CORR-1341 ACUS191 Searches
CORR-1342 ACUS215 Effective Documentation
CORR-1343 ACUS216 Internal Charges
CORR-1344 ACUS219 Facilitation Skills & Presentation
CORR-1352 ACUS226 Officer Safety Refresher Train the Trainer
CORR-1351 ACUS228 COPAT Assessor Training
CORR-1345 ACUS262 Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) Basic
CORR-1346 ACUS264 Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) Advanced
CORR-1347 ACUS265 Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) Team Building
CORR-1348 ACUS301 Critical Incident Review
COUN-1020 AD120 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder An Overview
COUN-1110 AD129 All My Relations: Working with Aboriginal Clients
COUN-1125 AD204 Motivational Interviewing 1
COUN-1100 AD400 Understanding Substance Use
COUN-1105 AD401 Continuum of Care: Prevention to Harm Reduction
COUN-1115 AD403 Assessment Practices
COUN-1120 AD405 Interconnected Risk
COUN-1145 AD407 Community Voices/Contemporary Issues
COUN-1130 AD408 Compassion & Policy: The Heart and Mind of Drug Policy
COUN-1140 AD409 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Increasing Understanding
COUN-1135 AD410 Concurrent Disorders Planning 1
CRES-1570 AFM299 Assessment: Family Mediation
CRES-1550 ALCR299 Assessment:Associate Certificate Leadership & ConRes
CORR-1032 APO133 Alternative Measures & Community Work Service
CORR-1040 APO139 Risk Needs Assessment Based Pre-Sentence Report (PSR)
CORR-1042 APO141 Working Effectively with Women Offenders
CORR-1035 APO143 Conditional Sentence Management Conditional Sentence Mgmt
CORR-1036 APO144 Conditional Sentence CORNET Entry
CORR-1043 APO145 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Dis. (adult Prob) Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (adult Probation)
CORR-1020 APO146 Interviewing Skills for Probation Officers
CORR-1041 APO149 Sentencing Considerations for Aboriginal Offenders
CORR-1000 APO155 The Adult Probation Officer
CORR-1033 APO157 Understanding Relationship Violence
CORR-1010 APO160 Foundation Skills
CORR-1022 APO161 Risk Assessment & Case Management Risk Assessment & Case Mgmt
CORR-1021 APO162 Enforcement & Administration
CORR-1051 APO163 Effective & Purposeful Interventions
CORR-1050 APO164 Managing Domestic Violence Offenders
CORR-1031 APO167 Information Management
CORR-1013 APO168 Discrimination Prevention for Community Corrections
CORR-1052 APO169 Pro-Social Modelling
CORR-1030 APO171 Prof Ethics & Standards of Conduct Professional Ethics and Standards of Conduct
CORR-1100 ASO111 Introduction to Sex Offenders
CORR-1101 ASO121 Sex Offender Management
CORR-1102 ASO125 Scoring the STATIC-99R
CORR-1103 ASO203 STABLE/ACUTE Risk Assessments
CORR-1104 ASO220 Sex Offender Maintenance Program
SHER-1105 AST105 BCSS Evaluation & Coaching
SHER-1110 AST110 Legal Studies Refresher
SHER-1115 AST115 Communication Tactics & Radio Communication
SHER-1120 AST120 Drug Identification
SHER-1125 AST125 Notebook & Report Writing
SHER-1130 AST130 Basic Criminal Investigation & Contact & Cover
SHER-1135 AST135 Gangs
SHER-1140 AST140 Corruption & Integrity Compromise
SHER-1200 AST141 Advanced Escort Driver Training
SHER-1205 AST150 Covert Escort Training
SHER-1210 AST156 Command Level Incident & Media Management
SHER-1215 AST160 Personal Protection Operator
SHER-1220 AST170 Emergency Vehicle Driving Regulations (EVDR)
SHER-1225 AST180 Traffic Safety Training Program
SHER-1230 AST183 Force Options Instructor
SHER-1235 AST185 Special Provincial Constable
SHER-1155 AST186 Special Provincial Constable Online
SHER-1245 AST189 Pistol Instructor
SHER-1250 AST190 VIP Driving Protocols
SHER-1145 AST200 Introduction to National Use of Force Model
SHER-1150 AST201 Introduction to National Use of Force Model Review
SHER-1165 AST205 Euthanization of Wildlife
DRIV-1272 AST210 EVDR & Directing Traffic
FIRE-1010B BASIC111 Safety - Exam
FIRE-1010A BASIC111 Safety - Practical
FIRE-1010 BASIC111 Safety
FIRE-1011 BASIC121 PPE &Self-Contained Breathing App PRAC
FIRE-1011B BASIC121 PPE & Self-Contained Breathing App Exam
FIRE-1011A BASIC121 PPE &Self-Contained Breathing App PRAC
FIRE-1012A BASIC131 Ropes & Knots - Practical
FIRE-1012 BASIC131 Ropes & Knots
FIRE-1012B BASIC131 Ropes & Knots - Exam
FIRE-1013B BASIC141 Ladders - Exam
FIRE-1013A BASIC141 Ladders - Practical
FIRE-1013 BASIC141 Ladders
FIRE-1014B BASIC151 Ventilation - Exam
FIRE-1014A BASIC151 Ventilation - Practical
FIRE-1014 BASIC151 Ventilation
FIRE-1016 BASIC161 Water Supplies
FIRE-1015B BASIC161 Fire Hose, Appliances & Streams - Exam
FIRE-1015A BASIC161 Fire Hose, Appliance & Streams - Prac
FIRE-1016A BASIC171 Water Supplies - Practical
FIRE-1016B BASIC171 Water Supplies - Exam
FIRE-1020B BCM011 Organization, Safety&communication1-Exam
FIRE-1020A BCM011 Organization,safety&communication1-Pract
FIRE-1020 BCM011 Organization,safety&communication1-Pract
FIRE-1030B BCM013 Org Safety & Comm 1&2 Exam
FIRE-1030A BCM013 Organization, Safety & Comm1 & 2-PRACTIC