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Course Code Previous Course Codesort icon Course Title
YJUS-1006 YJ102 Overview of the Youth Justice System
YJUS-1007 YJ103 Overview of the Youth Criminal Justice Act
YJUS-1008 YJ104 Community Youth Probation Officer
YJUS-1009 YJ105 Youth Supervisor Roles & Duties
YJUS-1010 YJ110 Crisis Intervention and Physical Restraints
YJUS-1011 YJ115 Crisis Intervention and Physical Restraints- Refresher
YJUS-1100 YPAT102 Youth Justice Supervisor Training (Community)
YJUS-1101 YPO300 Extrajudicial Measures
YJUS-1102 YPO301 Bail and Detention Before Sentencing
YJUS-1103 YPO302 Youth Sentencing
YJUS-1104 YPO303 Youth Records
YJUS-1105 YPO304 Case Management
YJUS-1106 YPO305 Enforcement
YJUS-1107 YPO306 Interviewing and Writing Skills
YJUS-1108 YPO307 Youth Reports
YJUS-1109 YPO308 Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth
YJUS-1110 YPO309 Serious Violent Offences and Adult Sentences
YJUS-1111 YPO310 Supervising Youth Who have Committed a Sexual Offence
YJUS-1112 YPO311 Aboriginal Youth in the Justice System
YJUS-1113 YPO312 Substance Use
YJUS-1114 YPO313 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
YJUS-1115 YPO314 Mental Health Issues and Suicide Awareness
YJUS-1116 YPO315 Working with Female Offenders
YJUS-1117 YPO316 Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Youth