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Course Code Previous Course Codesort icon Course Title
FIRE-1021B BCM021 Fire Behav/Personal Ext Exam
FIRE-1021A BCM021 Fire Behaviour Exting & Ppe 1-PRACTICAL
FIRE-1031 BCM023 Fire Behaviour Ext & Ppe 1&2
FIRE-1031B BCM023 Fire Behaviour Ext & Ppe 1&2 - Exam
FIRE-1031A BCM023 Fire Behaviour Ext & Ppe 1&2- Practical
FIRE-1022 BCM031 Ropes, Knots, Ladders & Rescue 1
FIRE-1022B BCM031 Ropes, Knots, Ladders & Rescue1-Exam
FIRE-1022A BCM031 Ropes, Knots, Ladders & Rescue 1- Pract
FIRE-1032A BCM033 Ropes, Knots, Ladders & Resc1&2-Practica
FIRE-1032 BCM033 Ropes, Knots, Ladders & Resc1&2
FIRE-1032B BCM033 Rope Knot Ladder & Rescues 1&2 - Exam
FIRE-1023A BCM041 Building,vent& Forcible Entry1-Practical
FIRE-1023 BCM041 Building,vent& Forcible Entry1
FIRE-1023B BCM041 Building, Vent & Forcible Entry1-Exam
FIRE-1033B BCM043 Building, Vent & Forcible Entry1&2-Exam
FIRE-1033A BCM043 Building, Vent&forcible Entry1&2-Practic
FIRE-1033 BCM043 Building, Vent&forcible Entry1&2
FIRE-1024B BCM051 Hose, Streams & Water Supply 1 - Exam
FIRE-1024A BCM051 Hose,streams & Water Supply 1 -Practical
FIRE-1024 BCM051 Hose,streams & Water Supply 1
FIRE-1034B BCM053 Hose, Streams & Water Supply 1&2 - Exam
FIRE-1034A BCM053 Hose, Streams&water Supply1&2-Practical
FIRE-1034 BCM053 Hose, Streams&water Supply1&2
FIRE-1025B BCM061 Salvage Overhaul & Fire Cause 1 - Exam
FIRE-1025A BCM061 Slavage Overhaul & Fire Cause-Practical Determination 1
FIRE-1025 BCM061 Slavage Overhaul & Fire Cause Determination 1
FIRE-1035 BCM063 Salvage, Overhl & Fire Cause 1&2
FIRE-1035B BCM063 Salvage, Overhaul & Fire Cause1&2 - Exam
FIRE-1035A BCM063 Salvage, Overhl & Fire Cause 1&2-PRACTIC
FIRE-1026 BCM071 Fire Prevention, Educ & Sprinkler1
FIRE-1026B BCM071 Fire Prevention, Educ & Sprinkler1-Exam
FIRE-1026A BCM071 Fire Prevention, Educ & Sprinkler1-Pract
FIRE-1036A BCM073 Fire Prevent, Educ&sprinkler 1&2-PRACTIC
FIRE-1036 BCM073 Fire Prevent, Educ&sprinkler 1&2
FIRE-1036B BCM073 Fire Prevent Educ & Sprinkler 1&2- Exam
FIRE-1027 BCM081 Fire Control 1
FIRE-1038A BCM083 Fire Control - Practical
FIRE-1037 BCM083 Fire Control 2
FIRE-1028 BCM091 Hazmat Awareness
FIRE-1039 BCM093 Hazmat Operations
FIRE-1029 BCM101 Emergency Medical Care
BUSN-1100 BCMNS110 Business Communications
VSER-1011 BCVS100 BCVS Victim Services E-Learning
BIOL-2203 BIOL203 Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIOL-2101 BISC201 Biological Sciences 1
BIOL-2102 BISC202 Biological Sciences 2
BIOL-2103 BISC203 Biological Sciences 3
LAWS-3000 BLES301 Investigations & Forensic Evidence
LAWS-3001 BLES302 Criminal & Deviant Behaviour
LAWS-3002 BLES305 Comparative Criminal Justice
LAWS-3003 BLES312 Leadership in Law Enforcement
LAWS-3004 BLES315 Restorative Justice
LAWS-3005 BLES320 Search & Seizure Law in Canada
LAWS-4000 BLES410 Applied Research in Public Safety and Law Enforcement
LAWS-4001 BLES412 Young Offenders & the Criminal Justice System
LAWS-4002 BLES420 Crisis Intervention
LAWS-4003 BLES470 Research Project
LAWS-4004 BLES490 Governance and Accountability in Law Enforcement
BUSN-1101 BUSN110 Introduction to Human Resource Management
BUSN-3100 BUSN300 Organizational Behaviour
BUSN-3110 BUSN301 Project Management
BUSN-3115 BUSN305 Data & Research Management
BUSN-4100 BUSN400 Labour Law in Canada
BUSN-4115 BUSN405 Human Resource Management
BUSN-4120 BUSN410 Financial Management for Law Enforcement
BLAW-1000 BYLAW101 Bylaw Compliance, Enforcement & Investigative Skills 1
BLAW-1005 BYLAW102 Bylaw Compliance, Enforcement & Investigative Skills 2
LEAD-1840 C-LEAD101-2 Leading for Generations - Crew Leadership
DRIV-1220 CAD Collision Avoidance Driving
CORR-1353 CBAC100 TASER Train the Trainer
CORR-1356 CBAC101 Tactical Team Commanders
CORR-1355 CBAC110 Expandable Baton & OC Train the Trainer
CORR-1354 CBAC115 Munitions Train the Trainer
CCAD-1000 CCA100 Orientation Training
CCAD-1005 CCA105 Intro to the Justice System
CCAD-1010 CCA110 Intro to Court Programs
CCAD-1015 CCA115 Intro Court Roles & Processes
CCAD-1020 CCA120 You in Your New Role
CCAD-1025 CCA125 Self Wellness & Client Service
CCAD-1026 CCA126 Wellness in the Workplace
CCLO-3300 CCLO300 Administrative Law
CCLO-3301 CCLO301 Vulnerable Populations in Licensed Community Care Facilities
CCLO-3302 CCLO302 Ethics in Licensing Practice
CCLO-3303 CCLO303 Lifespan Development
CCLO-3304 CCLO304 Collaborative Conflict Resolution
CCLO-3405 CCLO405 Human Relations
CCLO-3406 CCLO406 Inspection, Compliance and Enforcement
CCLO-3407 CCLO407 Investigations
CCLO-3408 CCLO408 Professional Accountability in Licensing
CCLO-3409 CCLO409 Capstone Project in Licensing Practice
CCLO-3410 CCLO410 Practice Experience
CRES-1100 CCR100 Foundations of Collaborative Conflict Resolution
CRES-1101 CCR101 Foundations of Collaborative Conflict Resolution: Workplace
CRES-1302 CCR102 Building Your Communication Toolbox
CRES-1711 CCR103 Handling Conflict on the Telephone
CRES-1304 CCR104 Handling Conflict in Virtual Environments
CRES-1305 CCR105 Asserting Yourself in Conflict Situations
CRES-1308 CCR108 Managing the Hostile Individual
CRES-1309 CCR109 Workplace Bullying: What You Need to Know
CRES-1712 CCR112 Seminar in Conflict Resolution