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Course Code Previous Course Codesort icon Course Title
CRES-1713 CCR113 Orientation to Conflict Resolution
CRES-1714 CCR114 Introduction to Conflict Resolution
CRES-1715 CCR115 Assertion: Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say
CRES-1716 CCR116 Communicating with Skill and Agility
CRES-1717 CCR117 Dealing with Hostile People
CRES-1718 CCR118 Orientation to Collaborative Negotiation
CRES-1719 CCR119 Introduction to Collaborative Negotiation
CRES-1720 CCR120 Respectful Communication in a Changing Workplace
CRES-1721 CCR121 Developing Your Cultural Fluency
CRES-1722 CCR122 Leading and Managing with Influence: Overcoming Resistance
CRES-1723 CCR123 Managing the Difficult Conversation
CRES-1724 CCR124 Getting Buy-in Through Collaborative Decision Making
CRES-1725 CCR125 Applying Brain Mechanics to Resolve Conflict
CRES-1726 CCR126 Effective Teamwork: From Conflict to Collaboration
CRES-1727 CCR127 Sharpening Your Edge in Negotiation
CRES-1728 CCR128 Navigating Challenging Conversations
CRES-1310 CCR130 Workplace Bullying-What You Need to Know
CRES-1131 CCR131 Conflict Coaching 1
CRES-1850 CCR140 Theoretical and Applied Perspectives on Conflict Resolution
CRES-1851 CCR141 Introduction to Conflict Analysis and Resolution
CRES-1150 CCR150 Theoretical Foundations of Dispute Resolution
CRES-1152 CCR152 Integrating Conflict Theory and Practice
CRES-1170 CCR170 Negotiation Skills 1
CRES-1471 CCR171 Giving & Receiving Constructive Feedback (formerly: CR206)
CRES-1472 CCR172 Balancing Empathy & Assertion
CRES-1473 CCR173 Managing the Conflict Within
CRES-1475 CCR175 Coached Small Group Clinic
CRES-1180 CCR180 Mediation Skills Level 1
CRES-1190 CCR190 Dealing with Anger
CRES-1231 CCR191 Conflict Coaching 2
CRES-1200 CCR200 Resolving Conflict on the Front Line: Demonstrating Lead
CRES-1401 CCR201 Defining Issues & Setting the Agenda
CRES-1402 CCR202 Shifting from Positions to Interests
CRES-1404 CCR204 Asking Better Questions
CRES-1405 CCR205 Dealing with Defensiveness in Conflict
CRES-1406 CCR206 Dynamics of Power
CRES-1407 CCR207 Negotiating with Difficult People: Making It Hard to Say No
CRES-1408 CCR208 Art of Reframing
CRES-1409 CCR209 Separate Meetings: Pre-Mediation & Caucusing
CRES-1210 CCR210 Conflict Dynamics in Groups
CRES-1411 CCR211 Civil Procedure
CRES-1852 CCR240 Applied Perspectives on Conflict and Negotiation
CRES-1452 CCR260 Resolving Conflict in Groups 2 : Facilitating Collaborative
CRES-1500 CCR265 Facilitating Group Conflict
CRES-1474 CCR272 Identifying Control & Abuse in Pre-Mediation
CRES-1270 CCR280 Negotiation Skills 2
CRES-1481 CCR281 Preparing for your Negotiation Assessment (Reality Check)
CRES-1280 CCR290 Mediation Skills 2
CRES-1491 CCR291 Preparing for Your Mediation Assessment (Reality Check)
CRES-1492 CCR292 Mediating the Financial Aspects of Separation
CRES-1495 CCR295 Mediation Skills 3
CRES-1298 CCR298 Ethical Dilemmas for Mediators in British Columbia
CRES-1299 CCR299 Ethical Dilemmas for Mediators in Alberta
CRES-1450 CCR350 Mediating in the Deep End : An Intensive Mediation Clinic
CISM-1000 CISM100 Introduction to Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
CISM-1005 CISM101 Diversity & Trauma
CISM-1010 CISM102 Demobilization, Defusing and Crisis Management Debriefing
CISM-1015 CISM103 Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
CISM-1035 CISM200 Post-Critical Incident Stress Reactions
CISM-1030 CISM201 Psychological First Aid
CISM-1025 CISM202 Managing Responses to Community Disasters
CISM-1040 CISM203 Effective Team Participation
CISM-1045 CISM204 Trauma, Children & Youth
CISM-1050 CISM205 Vicarious Traumatization
CISM-1020 CISM206 Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Simulation
CISM-1700 CISM999 Responding to Children & Youth Critical Incidents
CLIV-1110 CLBC100 Clbc Managers Training
CLIV-1120 CLBC101 Analyst Facillitator
CLIV-1140 CLBC103 Adult Guardianship
LEAD-1801 CLIP-1 Leading Yourself First
LEAD-1810 CLIP-10 Leading With Influence 1
LEAD-1811 CLIP-11 Building Sustainable Partnerships
LEAD-1812 CLIP-12 Leading With Influence 2
LEAD-1813 CLIP-13 Facilitating Innovative Thinking
LEAD-1814 CLIP-14 Negotiating for Collaboration
LEAD-1815 CLIP-15 Leading Strategy into Action
LEAD-1816 CLIP-16 Zen of Leadership - Capstone
LEAD-1802 CLIP-2 Communicating for Results
LEAD-1803 CLIP-3 Developing & Motivating Others
LEAD-1804 CLIP-4 Fostering Critical Thinking
LEAD-1805 CLIP-5 Engaging Productive Conflict
LEAD-1806 CLIP-6 Creating Powerful Teams
LEAD-1807 CLIP-7 Managing Change Processes
LEAD-1808 CLIP-8 Building Client Service Excellence
LEAD-1809 CLIP-9 Broadening Your Organizational Perspective
CLIV-1000 CLIV-1000 Community Living Home Study
EMRG-1200 CMD110 Incident Command System Level 100
EMRG-1201 CMD111 Incident Command System Level 100 (french)
EMRG-1220 CMD120 Incident Command System Level 200
EMRG-1221 CMD121 Incident Command System Level 200 (french)
EMRG-1230 CMD130 Incident Command System Level 300
EMRG-1231 CMD131 Incident Command System 3 Level 300 (french)
EMRG-1240 CMD140 Incident Command System Level 400
LEAD-1335 CMGMT135 Intro to Appreciative Inquiry
LEAD-1394 CMGMT193 Workplace Ethics
CORR-1304 COPO101 Professional Ethics & Standards of Conduct
CORR-1305 COPO109 Multicultural & Diversity Training
CORR-1034 COPO110 Overview of Aboriginal Justice Issues
CORR-1053 CORCOM001 Advanced Motivational Interviewing
CORR-1011 CORCOM006 Pers Safety Awareness for Comm Corr Admin Staff BC