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Course Code Previous Course Codesort icon Course Title
CORR-1012 CORCOM007 Pers Safety Awareness for Comm Corr Professional Staff BC
CORR-1140 CORCOM008 Quality Management 1
CORR-1141 CORCOM009 Quality Management 2
CORR-1150 CORCOM100 Strategic Training Comm Super (STICS)
CORR-1151 CORCOM110 STICS Refresher 1
CORR-1155 CORCOM200 STICS Coaches Training
CORR-1350 CORCUS414 Mentoring Train the Trainer
CORR-1110 CORE103 Facilitation Skills-Theory
CORR-1111 CORE104 Facilitation Skills-Practical
CORR-1112 CORE106 Facilitation Skills for Aboriginal Justice Workers
CORR-1120 CORE114 Substance Abuse Management - Practical
CORR-1121 CORE116 Substance Abuse Management for Aboriginal Justice Workers
CORR-1125 CORE124 Violence Prevention Program - Practical
CORR-1130 CORE134 Respectful Relationships - Practical
CORR-1131 CORE136 Respectful Relationships for Aboriginal Justice Workers
CORR-1135 CORE154 Emotions Management for Women - Practical
CORR-1136 CORE156 Relationship Skills for Women - Practical
CORR-1115 CORE229 Facilitation Feedback Tool Guide
CORR-1362 CORMGT016 Frontline Leadership Train the Trainer
SEVE-1000 COUN-3600 Mindfulness, Mindsight & the Brain
COUN-1021 COUNS138 Vicarious Trauma & Compassion Fatigue in Aboriginal Orgs
COUN-1022 COUNS155 Stronger Together: Groups for Women
COUN-3120 COUNS163 Expressive Play Therapy For the Grieving Child
COUN-1023 COUNS168 Welcome to Canada: Working Effectively with Newcomers
COUN-1024 COUNS171 Innovative Practice in Group Clinical Supervision
COUN-1025 COUNS205 Motivational Interviewing 2
CFAM-1035 COUNS207 Trauma Informed Approach to Working with Children and Youth
COUN-1014 COUNS244 Intro to Interpersonal Neurobiology: Integrating the Science
COUN-1032 COUNS255 Indigenous Trauma Informed Practice with Youth
COUN-1026 COUNS260 Creativity & Trauma
COUN-1027 COUNS266 Mindfulness-Based Therapy 1
COUN-1029 COUNS285 Mindfulness-Based Art Therapy 1
COUN-1015 COUNS288 An Introduction to the DSM-5
COUN-3125 COUNS299 Final Project/Consultation Group
COUN-1028 COUNS366 Mindfulness-Based Therapy 2
COUN-1030 COUNS385 Mindfulness-Based Art Therapy 2
HLTH-1100 CPD100 Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Provider
HLTH-1007 CPD101 Dysrhythmia Interpretation: Introductory/ACLS Prep
HLTH-1108 CPD103 Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor Update
PARA-1020 CPD105 Paramedic in Industry
HLTH-1101 CPD110 Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Update
HLTH-1103 CPD111 Basic Life Support/Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider
HLTH-1104 CPD112 Basic Life Support/Advanced Cardiac Life Support Update
HLTH-1008 CPD115 Cardiac Arrest Management
HLTH-1107 CPD120 Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor
HLTH-1102 CPD125 Advanced Cardiac Life Support - Experienced Providers
HLTH-1410 CPD126 Intravenous (I.V) Therapy and Protocol Update
HLTH-1300 CPD192 International Trauma Life Support Basic
HLTH-1301 CPD202 International Trauma Life Support - Advanced
HLTH-1200 CPD204 Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PedALS)
HLTH-1201 CPD206 Pediatric Advanced Life Support Instructor
HLTH-1003 CPD212 CPR Instructor
HLTH-1004 CPD213 BLS Instructor Update
HLTH-1302 CPD216 Pediatric Trauma Life Support
HLTH-1304 CPD217 International Trauna Life Support Instructor
HLTH-1305 CPD218 International Trauma Life Support Update
HLTH-1002 CPD220 CPR Healthcare Provider Update
HLTH-1005 CPD221 CPR Instructor Guideline Update
HLTH-1210 CPD222 Pediatric Education for Prehospitial Professional- Basic
HLTH-1211 CPD223 Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professional - Advanced
HLTH-1001 CPD229 CPR Healthcare Provider Certification
SHER-1300 CRT119 Sheriff Officers Physical Abilities Test
SHER-1255 CRTS425 High Security Trial Management for Managers
SHER-1260 CRTS913 Advanced Escort Night Training (External)
PARA-1120 CS200 PCP Clinical Sciences - Anatomy and Physiology
COUN-5225 CSA530 Child Sexual Abuse Intervention
COUN-3200 CT301 Complex Trauma Trauma
COUN-3205 CT302 Focusing-Oriented Therapy & Complex Trauma 1
COUN-3210 CT303 Focusing-Oriented Therapy & Complex Trauma 2
COUN-3215 CT304 Focusing-Oriented Therapy & Complex Trauma 3
COUN-3220 CT305 Depression, Grieving & Complex Trauma
COUN-3225 CT306 Clinical Spirituality & Complex Trauma
COUN-3230 CT307 Dreams & Complex Trauma
COUN-1000 CT308 Experiential Therapies
COUN-1001 CT309 Therapy & Support Groups
COUN-1002 CT310 Independent Application Project
COUN-5200 CT501 Theoretical Foundation in Complex Trauma
COUN-5205 CT502 Assessment & Treatment Planning in Complex Trauma
COUN-5210 CT503 Intervention & Skill Building in Complex Trauma
COUN-5215 CT504 Somatics in Complex Trauma
COUN-5220 CT520 Complex Trauma Integrated Project
COUN-5230 CTCSA550 Clinical Consultation in Complex Trauma & Child Sexual Abuse
CFAM-1100 CWT131 Strength Based Practices & Intervention
CFAM-1105 CWT132 Structured Decision Making
CFAM-1110 CWT134 Resource Worker Training Program
CFAM-1115 CWT145 Understanding Child Abuse & Neglect
CFAM-1120 CWT148 Legal Skills & Procedures for Child Welfare Worker
CFAM-1125 CWT149 Interviewing Part 2
CFAM-1130 CWT170 Overview of Legislation & Standards
COUN-3100 CY104 Expressive Play Therapy 1
COUN-3105 CY104A Expressive Play Therapy 2
COUN-1007 CY240 Understanding Children & Youth Who Have Experienced Trauma,
COUN-1017 CY250 Introduction to Art Therapy for Counsellors and Therapists
COUN-3110 CY265 Sandplay Therapy: Using the Healing Power of Imagery I
COUN-3115 CY266 Sandplay Therapy: Using the Healing Power of Imagery 2
COUN-1008 CY277 Understand the Role of Identity In Marginalized Youth
COUN-1009 CY278 Facilitate This! Group Leadership Skills for Youth Workers
COUN-1010 CY279 Understanding and Responding to Girls and High-Risk Drinking
COUN-1011 CY280 Youth Leadership
DRIV-1200 DA100 Driver Assessment