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Introduction to Group Lodging - ESS115

Emergency Management Division

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Delivery Method: Face-to-face, Online (Blackboard)
Hours: 3.5
Credits: 0
Course Prerequisites:


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Course Description

Learn about the basic functions of a group lodging facility during emergencies or disasters. This three and a half (3.5) hour course covers the fundamentals for ESS responders who may be called upon to work in, or support the activities at a group lodging facility.


  • ESS100 Introduction to Emergency Social Services
  • It is strongly recommended that the ESS in a BCERMS Environment Presentation be reviewed prior to participating in the course
  • It is recommended that ESS111 Reception Centre OR ESS114 Introduction to Reception Centres OR ESS200 Reception Centre be taken prior to participating in this course

Course Goal

The purpose of this course is to prepare ESS responders for working in local facilities designated as group lodging.

Course Topics

  • Group lodging services
  • Function roles and responsibilities in a group lodging facility
  • Group lodging work and set-up

Course Format

This interactive 3.5 hour course is available through classroom-based, online, and community-based learning, featuring collaborative activities.


Classroom-based learning is available by:

  • Emergency Management BC (EMBC, formerly known as PEP) funding - EMBC has currently made this training available to members of community ESS teams. To attend this EMBC-sponsored course, please contact the host community to register. For assistance in identifying the host community contact information, e-mail EMBC at or phone 250.952.5819 or toll free at 1.800.585.9559
  • contract - costs associated with this method of delivery include instructor and participant guide fees. Training location and equipment requirements are the responsibility of the requesting organization. Please contact the Coordinator, ESS Training Program at

All materials and text books will be provided in class and no special equipment is required. Please note that all Emergency Management Division courses require 100% attendance.

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Online and Community-Based:

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Students who would like recognition for completing this course or would like to use it as a prerequisite for the next levels of ESS courses in the training program will need to register below and complete the online assessment. Note that Introduction to Reception Centres is a non-credit course.


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