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The site provides web-based access to such works as the Columbia Encyclopedia, the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, and Roget's II: The New Thesaurus. In addition, the reference section of this site also provides access to three online books of English usage (Strunk's Element of Style, The American Heritage Book of English Usage, and Fowler's The King's English) and two of quotations (Bartlett's Familiar Quotations and Simpson's Contemporary Quotations).

Ceremonial and Canadian Symbols Promotion
Provides information about matters of protocol and ceremony for Canadians. Includes the Symbols of Canada, public holidays and other important dates, information about the Canadian Monarchy (including information about our Royal Anthem), and links to other sites of interest.

Almanacs, dictionaries in over a dozen languages, fact books, calendars, Internet navigation aids, libraries, on-line collections, maps, encyclopedias, and directories are among the links at this handy site.

Fugitive Fact File
The place to locate hard-to-find, elusive information. A full-text, keyword searchable database compiled by the staff at Hennepin County Library, Minnesota.
Web search organized as a directory. Excellent collection of links displayed by subject.

Interactive Units Converter
Converts weight and mass, distance and length, capacity and volume, area, speed, temperature, and time.

Internet Public Library Reference Collection
The IPL Reference Collection is a collection of Internet resources gathered together with the needs of the Internet community in mind. It is not intended to be a comprehensive hotlist to all sites on every subject, but rather an annotated collection, chosen to help answer specific questions quickly and efficiently.

Quick Reference
From Purdue University, the Virtual Reference Desk includes links to government information (U.S. federal and state), general information technology works, science data, and map and travel information as well as the usual dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, and directories.

Styles of Address
Government of Canada, Canadian Heritage site provides examples in regard to styles of address (in conversation and in writing) used for members of the Royal Family and for federal/provincial/religious dignitaries (e.g. judges).

Virtual Reference Desk: Public Libraries of B.C.
A collaborative project of librarians in B.C. Offers links to web resources on a wide variety of topics. Allows browsing by Subject Listing or Dewey Category; as well as searching by Keyword, Library of Congress Subject Heading or Dewey Decimal Number.

Style Guides

Analysts Style Manual
Created by Mercyhurst College, Institute for Intelligence Studies. "The Analyst’s Style Manual is a product intended to assist student analysts with the many perplexing and complex rules they should follow in producing written intelligence products."

Citation and Style Guides
From Concordia University Libraries, this site includes information on the following styles: APA, MLA, Turabian, and Chicago Manual of Style.

Citing References in Your Paper
From the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this site provides information on and examples of several styles including APA, Chicago/Turabian, and MLA.

Guide to Legal Citation
Douglas College Library provides this guide for citing primary legal sources.

How to Cite
Developed by The Chapman Learning Commons at the University of British Columbia. Includes APA and other special formats including Statistics Canada Products.

Sources: Their Use and Acknowledgement
Includes information and examples on APA and MLA citation styles. Also includes excellent information about: when to cite sources, how to cite, and plagiarism.

Writing & Style Guides
From Simon Fraser University Library, this guide includes information and examples of using APA , MLA, and Chicago Style.


Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Merriam-Webster Online

Oxford Dictionaries
This site boasts of containing links to more than 400 dictionaries of over 130 different languages, including specialized and multilingual, as well as thesauri.


One of the few free encyclopedias on the Web. The articles are short but the links to related sites, books, maps, and articles are extremely helpful. A good place to get quick, accurate information on a topic.

Encyclopedia Britannica
This Web site provides access to the Encyclopedia, plus links to books, magazines and other Web sites.

Translation Resources

Alpha Dictionary Language Directory
This site directs users to the "best" multilingual dictionaries. Unique items include an English/Finnish dictionary, a Chinese characters Web dictionary, and the English/Danish Glossary of Electronics Terms.

Dyer Laboratories, Inc.
This site offers advanced glossaries for scientific and technical translations, such as Firearms in German and English, Microbiology, and Optical Microscopy in French, English, German, and Spanish. (Note: Dyer Labs has closed but the site remains up for reference purposes.)

Go Translators
A directory of translators in 30 languages. Also includes dictionaries, lexicons, glossaries, vocabulary lists, and mailing lists. Excellent multilingual technical glossaries (electronics and computer) and medical glossaries.

Health Information Translations
This site provides education and procedural instructions about health topics for patients with limited English proficiency. Some documents have audio files. Includes translations of disaster preparedness plans.

Language Links
From the University of Wisconsin, this site contains links from language types or regions to dozens of dictionaries and glossaries.

Logos Dictionary
Multilingual dictionary that has entries posted by individuals. This service translates into dozens of languages and dialects and uses icons, such as flags, to designate the country where the language is spoken. Under each entry are color-coded buttons to do contextual searches in the Logos Library or by sound, image, Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, or video.

Naked Translations Blog
Blog by translator Celine Graciet. Contains lots of useful sources and interesting linguistic tidbits, and links to dozens of other blogs about translation.

This site has a directory of translators and also offers resources for translators. Its search engine retrives terms from the subject glossaries members have contributed and from the postings in discussion forums.

UCLA Language Materials Project
A web-based teaching guide that has common, and less common, language resources.

A tool for conjugating verbs in many languages.

The site concentrates on translations of English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish as either the target or source language. A handy tool is its language forum, where registered users discuss topical threads covering grammar, jargon, idioms, cultural applications, etc.

Yahoo! Babel Fish
Provides users with the tool to translate a block of text, even a web page.

Directories & Maps

Atlas of Canada
From Natural Resources Canada, this site contains a plethora of maps in diverse subject areas such as environment, people & society, historical, reference, climate change and health. Also includes a map archive, consisting of hundreds of maps from previously printed versions of the Atlas of Canada. Has a search capability to "Find a place" in Canada.

Earth Viewer
Lets you view the Earth from the Sun, Moon or a satellite in orbit. Real time viewing of regions is available. Views of the Moon are also available.

Free Trip
Use to plan driving trips across Canada and the United States. Displays driving times, kilometres or miles and service en route. Can choose route by different options including scenic.

From National Geographic, this site provides access to a variety of maps in the following categories: atlas, historical, street, world themes, and satellite.

Site provides Interactive Atlas (maps), TripQuest (driving directions), and TravelPlan USA (plan a trip with Mobil Travel Guide). Also provides maps of International Cities and a link to Plan your move.

This is an excellent source to locate people and businesses in Canada. Click on phone book to locate an individual's address and phone number, or to search for businesses, organizations, institutions (eg: colleges, hospitals) or British Columbia blue pages.

National Geographic Map Machine
Good for overviews of world regions. Physical or political maps available along with brief encycopedic information. Printable maps (PDF Format) also available.

Postal Code Directory 
The Postal Code Lookup lets you search by: Street Addresses; Rural Addresses and Post Office Boxes; and, Address Ranges for a given Postal Code.

Red Book Online 
An online guide to community, social and government agencies and services across the Lower Mainland. The Red Book online is the electronic version of the Red Book: Directory of Services for the Lower Mainland. Produced by Information Services Vancouver.

Telephone Directories on the Web
Detailed index of online phone books, categorized by: The Americas; Europe and Africa; Asia, Middle East, Pacific; and Worldwide and Cyberspace. Provides additional links to Email addresses and Fax listings.

Holidays & Events

BBC - Religion - Interfaith holy days and festivals calendar
Interfaith calendar searchable by religion or date.

British Columbia - Statutory Holidays
From the Government of British Columbia, Ministry of Skills Development and Labour, this site lists statutory holidays in B.C.

Calendar of Events
This calendar, from Canadian Heritage, lists events happening in Canada by month. You may also wish to visit Canadian Heritage's International Events page.

Canada - Public Holidays and Other Important Dates
From Canadian Heritage, this site identifies public holidays and other important dates celebrated in Canada. A link is provided to information about holidays in other provinces and territories.

Earth Calendar
The Earth Calendar is a daybook of holidays and celebrations around the world. You can view holidays by year for different countries or religion.

Health Canada - Calendar of Health Promotion Days
Health Canada Online's Calendar of Health-Related Days lists health-related days, weeks and months that have been announced by recognized health organizations and are recognized throughout the health professional community. Health Canada lists only days that are recognized in Canada or days that are recognized internationally.

Interfaith Calendar
Lists, by year or faith, religious observances.

United Nations Events
Since the early days of the United Nations system, the UN has established a set of Days and Weeks to help focus the world on the issues in which the UN has an interest and commitment. The UN calls on Member States and other organizations to mark these days in ways which reflect their priorities. This list also identifies years and decades designated by the UN to draw attention to concerns.

United States Federal Holidays
From the Office of Personnel Management of the U.S. Federal Government's Human Resources Agency, this site lists federal holidays by year.

People Locators - Canada's Local Search Engine
Search for businesses and individuals. Reverse search (by phone number).

Dead People Server
Directory listing of famous deceased people. Includes brief biography.

Academic Abbreviations

College of Alberta Psychologists - Academic and Professional Credentials
This document clarifies the interpretation of regulations and guidelines having to do with the representation of psychologists' academic and professional credentials.

Simon Fraser University - Academic Programs and Credentials
Lists academic programs and their corresponding credentials and abbreviations.

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