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April 18, 2012

Making a wish come true

JIBC paramedic students help to fulfill Meghan Pelly’s dream

Meghan Pelly made a unique request to the Make-A-Wish Foundation – she asked for the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a paramedic. “We’ve never had a wish like this before in BC,” said Kim Heron of Make a Wish Foundation of BC and Yukon.

The 13-year old student from Maple Creek school in Coquitlam, who has a rare brain condition, recently lived her dream with the help of JIBC’s School of Health Sciences. She spent a few hours at JIBC’s New Westminster campus learning and practicing paramedic skills, under the tutelage of current Primary Care Paramedic students. 

“I want to be a paramedic because I like helping people in the community,” explained Meghan. “And I like going fast.” On the first day of her Make a Wish experience, Meghan learned core paramedic skills such as administering IV medication, patient intubation, and CPR. She also had an opportunity to participate in an on-ambulance simulation, though at a controlled speed in the safe confines of the campus parking lot.

Wearing her own Primary Care Paramedic t-shirt and dark blue trousers, Meghan demonstrated the poise and confidence that are needed for success in the field of emergency medical services. After she successfully administered her first IV, Mike Isherwood, one of her student-instructors commented, “I’ve definitely seen some other people have more trouble than she did, myself included.”

“Having Meghan join us for the day was an inspirational experience for our students,” said Lorraine Taylor, JIBC Primary Care Paramedic Regional Training Coordinator.  “We feel both honoured and humbled that she chose to spend a day with us and are happy to have been given the opportunity to help fulfill her wish.”

At the end of her day at JIBC, there was still one part of Meghan’s wish that remained unfulfilled: her need for speed. But the BC Ambulance Service granted that part of her wish with a surprise ride in an air ambulance helicopter the following day.

paramedics who made wish come true

Meghan Pelly (third from left) with Primary Care Paramedic students.

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