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April 14, 2010

One World Scholarship: Fire Protection in the Global Community

The JIBC Fire & Safety Division recently awarded the newly developed One World Scholarship offered through the Ike Barber Society. Our hope is to continue to award this scholarship on an annual basis to students who have completed the JIBC, Fire & Safety Division’s  Career Fire Fighter Pre-employment Certificate Program within the previous 12 months. Scholarship recipients are chosen based on academic merit, leadership ability and community involvement.

As part of the Scholarship, recipients are enrolled in the Fire Protection in the Global Community course at the JIBC. This course is delivered in partnership with the BC Chapter of Fire Fighters without Borders Canada. The Fire Protection in the Global Community course broadens students’ understanding of the cultural aspects of serving communities through fire protection services. Upon completion of this course students have learned how fire and emergency services are delivered in a developing country, how to assist with organizing the delivery of a fire fighter training exercise in a developing country, the benefits of cross-cultural communications, strategies for applying cross-cultural communications within a multicultural community and how to communicate in rudimentary Spanish.

Recipients are required to complete online course work, travel to Central or South America with Fire Fighters without Borders, learn basic Spanish, train with local fire service personnel in Central America and complete post-deployment course work. The scholarship funding helps defray the cost of delivering this service-learning course and the cost of travelling to Central or South America.

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