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July 27, 2012

Shaping the future of road safety education

Road safety advocate Allan Lamb joins JIBC

JIBC is pleased to welcome Allan Lamb to its team of professionals, as Associate Director, Driver Education Centre (DEC). Allan will also lead the future development of JIBC’s recently launched Traffic Safety & Injury Prevention Centre at the Pitt Meadows airport. 

“Road safety education is one of my great passions,” says Lamb.  “My new position at JIBC will allow me to have a direct, hands-on role in the delivery of driver education, through the variety of programs of programs offered to the public, first responders and driving professionals here in British Columbia.”

Lamb brings over 36 years of experience in Road and Traffic Safety to JIBC. He started his career as a Police Officer with the Corporation of the District of Saanich and has subsequently held Senior Leadership positions with the BCAA Road Safety Foundation and the Insurance Corporation of BC. He is widely respected for his ability to build mutually beneficial partnerships with corporate, government and community leaders and is a member of the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals, along with numerous safety initiatives here in BC.

He is frequently interviewed by media on a number of road and traffic safety issues, including:

Impaired Driving – On average, each week in our province impaired drivers kill two British Columbians and injure over 60. Drugs and driving is considered to be the next frontier for road safety professionals.

Aging Drivers – Dementia is one of the leading causes of crashes involving our older drivers. Most of us plan to retire from many aspects of our life when we grow older, but planning to retire from driving is not one of them. Research shows that men live for approximately eight years after they stop driving and women for 10 years.

Distracted Driving – Some BC jurisdictions are reporting that up to 40% of their crashes involve someone who is distracted. Research indicates that it is our cell phone conversations while driving that cause many of our distracted driving crashes.

Lamb assumes leadership of a group of dedicated road safety educators and advocates within PTEC, who are committed to the goals of producing better drivers and riders, and reducing collisions on British Columbia roads and highways.

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