Deputy Sheriff

Job Description

Deputy Sheriffs are peace officers and have a highly visible role in the BC court system. They are in charge of security at courthouses throughout British Columbia. They are responsible for ensuring the orders of the court are carried out. Their duties are to provide: security for the courts; escort accused, convicted and other person; to implement jury management procedures; and to serve court-related documents. Deputy Sheriffs also assist in coroner’s court.

Role in the Community

Deputy Sheriffs are the “hub” of the criminal justice system and interact with all stakeholders in the criminal justice system from other enforcement agencies.

A Typical Day

On a typical day a Deputy Sheriff may at one moment be in the Sheriff’s lock-up, dealing with a hostile and verbally abusive prisoner, and at the next confer with Crown Counsel about the day’s trial schedule, escorting a judge into court or politely answering questions from the public. The Deputy’s job places him or her in both high-risk and highly visible situations that require alert, tactful and mature responses.

Qualifications/Academic Requirements

Grade 12 equivalent. Able to exercise good judgment, make quick decisions and give instructions or directions in emergencies. Able to tolerate stressful situations and tense interpersonal encounters while maintaining self-control. Previous work experience where interacting with the public to solve problems was part of their responsibility is desirable. Volunteer work in a related field is also an asset.

Physical Requirements

The Sheriff Officers Physical Abilities Test (SOPAT).

Program of Study

Newly-hired Deputy Sheriffs are required to attend the Sheriff Recruit Training post-employment, ten week training held at JIBC. The program areas that are covered are:

  • Legal Studies for Deputy Sheriffs
  • Field Based Training
  • Communications
  • Safety Workshops
  • Firearms
  • Driving with Finesse
  • Total Control Driving
  • Force Options
  • Controlled Access Points
  • Mental Health Basics


Salaries for full-time Deputy Sheriffs range from $27.06 - $30.78 (DS R18).

Employers & Job Prospects

Employment in the BC Sheriffs offers many in service opportunities inside the BC Public Service.

More Information

For more information, please visit the 'Be a Sheriff' section of our website or download the SRT Application Information Package.

Salaries for fulltime Deputy Sheriffs range from $27.06 - $30.78 (DS R18)

Last updated January 12, 2019