Centre for Teaching, Learning & Innovation

Our Team

Florence Daddey - Program Manager, Sessional Faculty

Albertine De Leon - Instructional Designer

Krista Lambert - Instructional Designer (currently on secondment)

Helen Lee - Instructional Designer 

Naz Maghsoudi -  Coordinator, Student and Faculty Development 

Melanie Meyers -  Program Director

Tannis Morgan -  Director (currently on secondment)

Robert Walker Acting Director

Dennis Yip - Senior Web Specialist 

Viktor Simon - Media Producer, Videographer, Editor

What We Do

We collaborate with our faculty, administrators, and staff to promote the highest quality learning experiences for JIBC students.

CTLI is built upon an understanding of a relationship between the student, the instructor, the institution and its connection to the workplace and the community.

The vision for CTLI at JIBC is guided by five goals:

  1. Innovation
  2. Diverse and Flexible Learning Experience
  3. Student Support
  4. Faculty Development
  5. Research

Our Services include:

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Instructional Design and Development - At the course level we can assist you to:

  • Design or redesign a course using new technologies to enhance student learning.
  • Develop course outline, course plan and blueprint detailing content and lesson specification
  • Consider strategies for engaging students in an online class environment.

Instructional Design and Development - At the program level we can assist you to:

  • Clarify the overall aims for your program. 
  • Plan your program to enhance student learning. 
  • Design an evaluation of your program.

Student and Faculty Support

  • Provide technical support for delivery and maintenance of online courses
  • Provide support and training for the use of educational technology tools in face to face classes
  • Deliver workshops to introduce new educational trends
  • Deliver customized training online or face to face on the use of eLearning tools

For more information on training and support go to our Training and Support Page.

New Media design and Development

  • Create templates for online courses
  • Create Courses on JIBC’s LMS system (Blackboard)
  • Design and create brochures and Posters
  • Design and develop open courses on open source tools such as Wordpress
  • Design and develop educational apps for mobile devices
  • Create interactive learning objects and activities by using Storyline, Camtasia, Question Mark and Powtoons.


Praxis is an online, team-based learning system that focuses on decision-making simulations. It moves beyond traditional "click-through", role playing, and tabletop exercises by providing an immersive environment that emphasizes collaboration, information sharing and immediate feedback, all of which lead to better training results.

  • Design scenarios
  • Deliver scenarios anytime anywhere
  • Create immersive experience for users
  • Bring critical incidents to life
  • Develop the skills to manage the complexities and stress of a critical incident or major event
  • Refines critical incident decision-making skills; and
  • Assists in the development of strong, highly functioning individuals and teams

For more information on simulation go to Simulation at JIBC.

Last updated January 10, 2019