Adult Probation Officer

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Adult Probation Officers provide management to adult offenders released to community supervision, helping to reduce the risk of reoffending.

Applicants for Adult Probation Officer positions in British Columbia must successfully complete the prerequisite course, CORR-1000: The Adult Probation Officer (previously APO155), which is offered only by the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

Course Overview

Are you interested in becoming an Adult Probation Officer? This online course will introduce this exciting and challenging career.  It will also assist you in determining if you have the suitability to work in this profession.

The course material describes the B.C. Community Corrections Branch and its model of offender management and intervention. You will examine how the principles of effective offender intervention apply to the integrated service model adopted by the B.C. Corrections Branch. In addition, you will learn about the primary areas in which probation officers perform their responsibilities and the strengths and challenges of probation work.

Important information 

  • Completion of CORR-1000 is just one of the requirements to apply for the position of Adult Probation Officer, and does not guarantee employment. See Hiring Process, below, for more information.
  • CORR-1000 is valid for three years from the date of completion.
  • Candidates who have worked as an Adult Probation Officer in another Canadian jurisdiction or as a Youth Probation Officer in BC  within the previous two years, for a period of at least two years, are not required to complete the prerequisite.

Who Should Take this Course

This course is required for persons interested in a career in the criminal justice field as Adult Probation Officers, including:

  • Staff from correctional settings;
  • Community service agency employees;
  • Individuals experienced in social services;
  • Probation officers, volunteer probation officers or probation staff from other jurisdictions; and
  • Other personnel in the justice, law enforcement, and human service fields.

We welcome all students interested in this course, including those from other provinces or countries.

How to Register

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If you are a Canadian student, you can self-register online using the above link.  Otherwise, please contact the Registration Office

Hiring Process in British Columbia

Adult Probation Officers are employed by the B.C. Corrections Branch, Ministry of Justice.  The B.C. Corrections Branch has two positions in the adult probation field:

  • Adult Probation Officers work with adult offenders released to community supervision. Hiring requirements include a Bachelor's degree (4 years; 120 credits) from a recognized Canadian institution.
  • Probation Officer 14s perform many, but not all, of the same duties as Adult Probation Officers. Hiring requirements include a two year diploma/certificate or 60 post-secondary credits applicable towards a degree.

Applicants for both positions must successfully complete the prerequisite course CORR-1000.  However, completion of this course is only one of the criteria necessary to apply for either position, and it does not guarantee employment.

The applicant is responsible for confirming hiring criteria with the B.C. Corrections Branch, including specific educational qualifications. Details are available in the  PO Applicant Information Package and the PO14 Applicant Information Package.

Please direct all enquiries regarding employment qualifications to the Community Training Analyst - B.C. Corrections Branch, at 250.952.7300 or

Training After Hiring

An extensive post-hire training program begins after an individual has been hired to a position of Adult Probation Officer or Probation Officer 14.  Training is conducted while you are working in your office and involves successful completion of all required face-to-face and online courses, including assignments, quizzes and practical evaluations.

The new hire will also meet the Ministry's performance criteria required for appointment to the position, which is evaluated over the first six months of employment.

Upon a successful six month performance review, new regular and auxiliary employees will be reimbursed for tuition fees required to take the prerequisite training course CORR-1000.  A receipt or declaration indicating course fees were incurred by the student may be required.

More Information

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