Assessment Centre

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The Police Academy Assessment Centre provides candidate assessment services to the municipal police departments in British Columbia. The Assessment Centre has been an integral part of the policing community for the past 40 years, developing and delivering assessment centres for all ranks of police officers. To qualify as an Assessment Centre, an organization must meet ten requirements as endorsed by the 17th International Congress on the Assessment Centre Method, which constitute the essential elements of an Assessment Centre. These requirements include:

  •  Job Analysis
  •  Behavioural Classification
  •  Assessment Techniques
  •  Multiple Assessment Techniques
  •  Simulation Exercises
  •  Assessors
  •  Assessor Training
  •  Recording Behaviour
  •  Reports
  •  Data Integration

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The Assessment Centre Method

The Assessment Centre is a process not a place.  It is a valuable tool used in the selection of new employees and in the promotional process of existing employees.   The Assessment Centre Method uses a series of exercises to determine a candidate’s suitability for a target position within an organization.  These customized job-related scenarios are designed to simulate actual job challenges, where candidates are observed for behaviour relevant to the skills, abilities and personal qualities that are critical to success in the target job.  Assessors who have been trained in the assessment centre method and who are familiar with the target position observe and evaluate the candidates’ performance.

Benefits of the Assessment Centre

The task of hiring and promoting the right people is extremely important to any employer as mistakes can be very costly and time-consuming.  Ensuring a candidate is suitable for hiring or sufficiently developed for promotion is critical to the success of an organization. 
This is particularly true of policing where the job is extremely complex. The changing nature of society presents a myriad of challenges and demands that can only be addressed and fulfilled with a competent, qualified workforce.  The methods and procedures used to select police officers must be comprehensive and multi-faceted.  As such, municipal police departments, in conjunction with the JIBC Police Academy, use the Assessment Centre Method as part of their process to select and assess potential recruits as well as serving police officers seeking promotion.

The diversity of settings and many uses of the Assessment Centre Method, have been tested, modified, and validated in a number of occupations in a variety of settings including, the military; business and industry, and government and educational institutions for over 50 years.

Electronic In-Basket Exercise

For a Supervisory or Manager Centre an “In-Basket” exercise that simulates an e-mail inbox is added. The In-Basket is designed to evaluate the candidate’s administrative skills.

Police agencies submit current operational information that is used to custom-design the electronic e-mail exercise.  Candidates are expected to digest, organize and prioritize their correspondence. They must then answer emails, “cc” the appropriate recipients and send new emails in response to the problems posed. All meetings and commitments can be entered into the electronic calendar contained within the program.

A marking site is available on the server that allows an administrator to both monitor the candidates while the exercise is in progress and mark their work. At a glance, the marker can determine the number of emails and calendar entries the student has entered and see what stage the candidate is at in the exercise.

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