Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Click the video below to hear Centre for Conflict Resolution staff answer some of our most frequently asked questions.


What is the JIBC and where
does the Centre for Conflict Resolution fit in?
What is collaborative
conflict resolution?
Who typically takes these courses?
What can conflict resolution training do for me? Can conflict resolution courses be delivered to my organization? How are the courses offered? Where can I complete the courses?
What can I expect when I
attend a course?
Who teaches the courses? What is the difference between a certificate and a certification?





What is the difference between an associate certificate and a full certificate? What certificates are available
at the JIBC's Centre for
Conflict Resolution?
I've taken coures in conflict resolution with another organization, can I apply those courses to the JIBC's program?




How do I plan my courses? What is the assessment? I've completed my conflict resolution program, now what?




Are there jobs that require conflict resolution expertise? I'm interested in working in the field of conflict resolution, what are the opportunites available to me? I've taken some courses and I'm ready to gain practical experience, how do I do that?




I'm interested in becoming a mediator and starting a private practice, how do I do that? I need more information,
what can I do now?

Last updated October 3, 2014