Innovative Strategies for K-12 Teachers

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The Mindful Educator in Managing Conflict (CRES-1120)

Through self-reflection, dialogue, exercises, and scenario practice, this 21-hour course will increase your awareness of how you perceive and personify your role as an educator in the K-12 sector in the face of conflict and anger.You will gain a working knowledge of Emotional Intelligence competencies as they relate to managing conflict and learn practical ways to enhance self awareness,self-regard, self-regulation, assertiveness, stress tolerance and impulse control. With this gained insight, you will begin to construct more productive ways to address such challenges. This will increase capacity to make sound decisions, build mutually supportive relationships, and to handle stress and anger effectively. You will learn the necessary skills and approaches to help manage your own angry feelings and behaviours, and to effectively respond to anger in others. Topics such as anger triggers, self-management, defusing skills, the origins of personal expressions of anger and disengaging from angry encounters are explored. Future date to be determined.

This three day course will run from July 16-18, 2018 at our New Westminster campus. The cost is $688.90 plus a Learner Service Fee.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment (INDC-1340)

Designed for educators in the K-12 system, in this 3-day course you will deepen classroom management skills by exploring ways to respond to challenging classroom situations where the pressures are numerous, complex,and potentially contentious. You will examine how to deal constructively with teaching content process and student/faculty relationship issues,heightened emotion, challenging participant behaviours, and conflict. Scenario-based simulations will provide the opportunity to practice relevant communication and intervention skills. Reflective practice will be encouraged through self-reflection and peer feedback.

There are no classes scheduled at this time.

Reinforcing Respectful Professional Boundaries (COUN-1037)

Teachers in the K-12 sector face a multitude of pressures and challenges in the modern classroom. Boundaries between the professional educator and the student can become blurred. With evolutions in social media and “student-centred” educational approaches, the potential for the blurring of boundaries increases. Through discussion and scenario analysis, this 3-day, face-to-face course will explore the moral and ethical gray zones that surface in professional relationships. You will define and identify the types of behaviours and situations that could threaten professional teacher conduct and stature. Finally, you will acquire assertive communication strategies to respectfully and clearly articulate professional boundaries when challenged.You will then be able to connect authentically with students while maintaining boundaries. 

This three day course will run from the following dates at our New Westminster campus:

July 31-August 2, 2018

The cost is $688.90 plus a Learner Service Fee.

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