Certificate in Advanced Facilitation and Consultation

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This 22-day/11-credit credential will combine practices in leadership, conflict resolution and instructional development.

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How Do I Complete the Program by December 31, 2017

If you are working towards completion of this certificate, please see the Class Schedules and Completion Path for important class dates below. 

Let us know if you plan to complete this credential by sending an email to leadership@jibc.ca with your name and contact information and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Important Dates:

Deadline to enroll in the certificate program:

  • May 31, 2017 (enroll online here)

Last offering of INDC-1402 Designing Consultation and Engagement Processes: 

  • June 19-21, 2017

Last offering of CRES-1500 Facilitating Group Conflict (blended)

  • Sept 21-22, 2017 in class (online portion open Sept 11-Oct 11)

Deadline to complete required and elective courses:

  • December 31, 2017

Completion Path for Certificate in Advanced Facilitation and Consultation

CFAC 2017 class schedule by date

CFAC 2017 class schedule by name

Who Should Take This Certificate Program

  • Staff in municipal, provincial and federal government involved in public engagement and consultation
  • Non-profit organizations wishing to consult stakeholders on programs or issues
  • HR professionals wanting to design better staff engagement processes
  • Private consultants wanting to strengthen skills in facilitation and consultation
  • Anyone interested in strengthening their skills in facilitation and engagement processes

The Centre for Conflict Resolution offers a number of Information Sessions throughout the year.

The Centre for Conflict Resolution offers a number of Information Sessions throughout the year.

Program Format

  • The certificate program is a minimum 22 days of training (11 credits). 
  • You can take courses individually or complete the certificate.
  • Learn at your own pace – take courses when they fit your schedule.
  • Courses are scheduled several times throughout the year.
  • There are two Capstone courses: CRES-1500 & INDC-1402
  • Full attendance is required.
  • There is continuous intake into this certificate program.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate a variety of facilitative behaviours to address individual and group conflict dynamics in the design and implementation of facilitation processes.
  • Define success criteria for facilitation and consultation initiatives and align facilitation processes and interventions to achieve them.
  • Analyze complex situations to determine appropriate consultation requirements and measures.
  • Integrate the knowledge, skills and approaches of effective facilitation process design and implementation while addressing group conflict dynamics to achieve outcomes that are inclusive, collaborative and outcome-focused.
  • Demonstrate enhanced self-awareness regarding own internal emotional state and the impact of behaviour, thoughts, emotions, and communication on the facilitation process.


Required Courses (5.5 credits)
To check current course availability, select the course code below. If you wish to register, follow the instructions on the course listing. 

 Course Name

Course Code



 Core Courses (Minimum 5.5 credits)




Advanced Facilitation INDC-1250 1.5 3
Foundations of Collaborative Conflict Resolution or Foundations of Collaborative Conflict Resolution: Workplace Focus CRES-1100 or CRES-1101 1.5 3
Negotiation Skills Level I or Mediation Skills Level I CRES-1170 or
1.5 3
Conflict Dynamics in Groups CRES-1210 1.0 2

Elective Courses (Minimum 3.0 credits)




Defining Issues and Setting the Agenda CRES-1401 1.0 2

The Art of Reframing

CRES-1408 0.5 1

Essential Skills for Training and Facilitation

Lead Yourself FirstLEAD-11001.53
Asserting Yourself in Conflict SituationsCRES-13051.02
Asking Better QuestionsCRES-1404 0.51

Capstone / Graded Courses (Both required - 2.5 credits) *Take these courses last




Facilitating Group Conflict (Blended)   CRES-1500 1 2
Designing Consultation and Engagement Processes INDC-1402 1.5 3

1 day is equivalent to .5 credit (7 hours)

Individual courses in the Certificate Program are available for enrollment. 


  • Certificate Enrolment Fee: $75
  • Cost for the program is approximately $4600 (costs vary based on elective choice and location).

Books & Supplies:
Course manuals are supplied when you attend class, and if purchase of books or other materials is required you will be advised of the details when you register.

Enrolment Process

The courses and certificate are open to anyone. There are no formal requirements for admission.

Register to a class
To check individual course availability, select one the course codes above and follow the instructions on the course listing. 

Enroll in the program
Apply Online

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to Student Services at 604.528.5653


or 1.877.528.5591

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