Criminal Record Check - Children and Vulnerable Adults

Provincial Requirements for Practice Education

To comply with BC legislation, all students registered in a post-secondary educational program that requires placements with vulnerable children or vulnerable adults must complete a full criminal record check (CRC) prior to their first Practice Education placement.

Students who do not have CRC – Children and Vulnerable Adults  clearance from the BC Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General will not be able to complete any required clinical or ambulance placements and subsequently be unable to complete the program. 

Please note that a clear Vulnerable Sector Check by the RCMP or your local police does not meet the requirements of the legislation. 

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How to apply for or share a CRC


Go to to see if you qualify for the Electronic Identity Verification (EIV) process. If you do, you can apply online or share an existing BC Criminal Record Check – Children and Vulnerable Adults.

  • Enter the following Access Code:  83W3XX343W and select a request option (new or share) and follow the instructions. 
  • The Request a New Criminal Record Check button takes you to a page on which you'll find the JIBC's organizational information.  Ignore the fact that "Role" says "EMPLOYEE". 
    • Hit Next and follow the instructions.
    • Hit Next again and this will take you to the page asking for applicant information.  Fill it out! (for "Position with Organization" enter "Student")
    • Hit Next and check your details.
    • Hit Next: this takes you to the Identity Verification Page.
    • The next page is your Internet Payments Program.  Input your credit card details to pay.  If you do not have a credit card, or if you are ineligible for the online application, you will need to complete the Consent to a Criminal Record Check Form manually - see instructions below.

Manual Process:

Justice Institute of BC
HSD Practice Education Dept.
715 McBride Boulevard
New Westminster, BC  V3L 5T4


Currently, the cost for the CRC – Children and Vulnerable Adults is $28.00.  Online applications require a credit card for payment. Manual applications must provide an email address to receive payment options. 

Results of a CRC

Last updated June 3, 2019