First Responder

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The First Responder (FR) course is about saving lives.

Participants will acquire the life-saving skills and knowledge to perform patient care to the public until the arrival of the ambulance.  Examples include fire departments, police, safety and security personnel at sporting events, staff in recreation facilities, and staff in special care facilities to name a few.

You or your organization may be faced with dealing with a medical or traumatic emergency while waiting for an ambulance to arrive; knowing what to do in that first few minutes of an emergency can make a difference between life and death.

The Paramedic Academy offers First Responder Provider courses (entry level):

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Course Offerings and Registration

PARA-1004 – First Responder Provider (includes CPR, AED, and Spinal) Course

In this entry level course students will acquire a full complement of basic skills to prepare them for carrying out all critical life-saving duties as a First Responder Provider.

You can register online for the above courses by clicking on the links or you may call the Student Services Office at 604.528.5590 or

Mandatory attendance is 100%.

The PARA-1004 can also be offered through contract training. The Paramedic Academy will work with organizations and arrange all the details of the course and deliver the training where and when the organization wants. Organizations should contact the First Responder Program at

Evaluation and Certification

Upon completion of the First Responder Provider course you will receive:

  • JIBC Student Transcript
  • Canadian Red Cross certification card
  • This will entitle you for Emergency Medical Assistant licensure in BC.


  • For First Responder Provider students must be 18 years of age

PARA-1004 First Responder Provider Course PRE-READ & Classroom Resources

Once enrolled in this course it is important that all students complete the Emergency Care Workbook and bring it with them to class day 1.  There is no mark associated with this, the workbook is designed to prepare the student for final written examinations.

In-class portion of the first responder is primarily skills-based.   

The EMALB (Emergency Medical Assistant Licensing Board) has preparation handout for students to study for the EMA licensing exam.  Please read through prior to attending class.

As well, please find additional resource available for FR students to use in class:

Required Textbooks

Effective September 1, 2016 the Paramedic Academy will be moving to the Canadian Red Cross Curriculum and students must purchase books prior to attending by contacting the JIBC Store at 604.528.5870 or  The following textbook is required for this course:

  • Canadian Red Cross Emergency Care Manual, 2012

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