Paramedic Information Sessions

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Dates & Locations

Please note that at this moment there are no information sessions scheduled.  Please view the videos in this page for more information on paramedic training at the JIBC.



Campus Locations

Chilliwack - 5470 Dieppe Street, Chilliwack, BC V2R 5Y8, Phone: 604.847.0881

Kelowna - 825 Walrod Street, Kelowna, BC  V1Y 2S4, Phone: 250.469.6020

New Westminster - 715 McBride Boulevard, BC  V3L 5T4, Phone:  604.525.5422

Victoria - 810 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8W 1H8, Phone: 250.405.3500

Paramedic Info Videos

Paramedic Training Programs at JIBC - Becoming a Paramedic in BC

The first step to becoming a licensed paramedic in BC is to learn more and register for the appropriate training program at the JIBC. This video explores the different levels of paramedic training, provides details of each program level, and describes the process for paramedic licensing after students complete their training.


Paramedic Program Costs and Time Commitment - Becoming a Paramedic in BC

This video discusses the direct program costs and includes information on other expenses outside of program tuition and course fees. It provides recommendations for students who need to work while attending school and also covers financial support and scholarship options for students who are taking the JIBC paramedic programs.


Tips for Your Success – Becoming a Paramedic in BC 

This video provides an overview of the secrets to successful program completion from one of the instructors at JIBC who is also a working paramedic with BCEHS. You will learn strategies that will help you be successful on your educational journey and in your future career in paramedicine.


Career Opportunities for Paramedics – Becoming a Paramedic in BC 

This video describes the career opportunities in the provincial ambulance service for students who complete their paramedic training at JIBC and pass their EMALB licensing exam.


How to Get Started at JIBC – Becoming a Paramedic in BC           

This video describes the application process for each of the JIBC paramedic courses and programs. It explores each of the program entrance requirements as well as the mandatory practice education requirements that must be completed prior to applying.  Information for individuals with previous training in the field of paramedicine that are looking to continue their education with JIBC is also included.


The Practice Education Experience – Becoming a Paramedic in BC 

Students in the PCP and ACP programs attend practice education shifts as part of their paramedic training at JIBC. This video answers some common questions students have around their placements including scheduling, supervision, safety, and compensation.


Are you Ready for Practice Education – Becoming a Paramedic in BC   

To be ready for your practice education shifts in JIBC’s paramedic programs you must complete the mandatory requirements. Some of these requirements must be completed prior to your application for the program being accepted. This video explores some of the requirements.


Understanding the Professional Environment – Becoming a Paramedic in BC 

Students often have questions about the national and provincial requirements for paramedics. This video looks at the professional environment and describes the Paramedic Association of Canada (PAC), Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board (EMALB), the jurisprudence exam for out of province paramedics, and career opportunities for paramedics including working with BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS).


Working with the Provincial Ambulance Service – Becoming a Paramedic in BC 

Many of the students who complete their paramedic training at JIBC plan to work on ambulance for BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) at the EMR, PCP, or ACP level. This video describes the licensing and hiring process you must complete and describes some of the career opportunities with BCEHS.


The Paramedic Career Pathway – Becoming a Paramedic in BC

Many individuals who complete the paramedic training programs at JIBC desire to work full time as a paramedic and advance in their careers with the ambulance service. This video describes the career opportunities for those starting careers in paramedicine and looks at specializations that may be of interest to individuals with a passion for life-long learning.


Our Stories - Starting in a Small Town – Becoming a Paramedic in BC

Most paramedics start their careers working in a small town. There are many advantages to starting your career in this way. Hear stories from several working paramedics about their career journeys and early experiences on the job.


Careers Outside the Ambulance Service – Becoming a Paramedic in BC

Not all paramedics in BC work for the provincial ambulance service and there are many other reasons that an individual would complete a paramedic training program. This video looks at some of the other employment opportunities and the skills that you can develop by completing a paramedic training courses and programs at JIBC.


Working in Industry – Becoming a Paramedic in BC

There are many opportunities for trained paramedics to find work outside of the provincial ambulance service. Many industries are looking for individuals with high-level first aid or paramedic training. These include the natural resource and manufacturing sectors. This video explores some of these opportunities and describes some additional steps that someone interested in a career working as a paramedic in industry might pursue. 

Last updated March 19, 2019