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JIBC SAR Course Training Chart

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2. Ground Search Team Leader

GSTL Overview of Pre-Course Requirements

Pre-Course Team Briefing Assignment

  • Pre-course assignment due two weeks before attending a GSTL course

Phase 1 Planning & Preparation - Pre-Reading

  • Reading selection from the GSTL Participant Manual required for the completion of the Pre-Course Team Briefing Assignment

Pre-Course Required Reading

  • Sections of the GSTL Participant Manual which students are required to read before attending a  GSTL course

SAR Safety Program Guide (September 2012) 

Provincial SAR Operating Guidelines (November 2018)

  • Pre-read for information and awareness


Ground Search Team Leader Training Video

English Version:

Ground Search Team Leader - Planning and Organizing a Team Mission

Version français:

Chef D’équipe de Recherché au Sol - La Planification et L’organisation d’une Affectation D’équipe

3. Organized Avalanche Response

4. Rope Rescue

Rope Rescue Personal Log

  •  This requires sign off by either the Rope Rescue Team Leader or the Training Officer

5. Search and Rescue Management

SAR Management Level 1 Pre-Reading Assignment

  • Reading selection from the SAR Management Level 1 Participant Manual required before completing the online Pre-Course Quiz.

SAR Management forms and templates, including SAR ICS forms, may be downloaded through the My EM Resources page.  Visit My EM Resources to download free SAR from other training tools.

Last updated January 12, 2019