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Why Should You Exercise Your Emergency Management Plan?

You have an emergency program in place, including emergency management and business continuity plans and regular training. But how do you know if your plan and training program are effective and will stand the test of a real emergency or disaster? Through a training and exercise program.

Here are five reasons why you should integrate exercising into your emergency management program: Read the rest of our exercise design article.

Five Ways a Business Continuity Plan Can Help Your Organization

Emergencies and disasters don’t discriminate. They can affect any organization or business, including yours. The most obvious examples we hear about are large disasters, such as earthquakes, that rarely happen, but we expect would significantly disrupt operations at most businesses. Since these large disasters don’t occur regularly, we become complacent. But what about more common examples – such as snow storms, power outages, floods, fires and hazardous materials accidents? These smaller events do occur regularly, and can impact your business at several levels from your employees to your bottom line.

Here are the top five ways a business continuity plan can help your organization minimize the effects of emergencies and disasters: Read the rest of our business continuity article.

My EM Resources Launches: Free Online Resource Centre for Public Safety Professionals

The JIBC Emergency Management Division is pleased to launch My Emergency Management Resources, a new online resource site for public safety professionals. The site includes videos, forms, job tools and exercises. All resources are free to download. For more information, visit

JIBC Launches Canada’s First Bachelor of Emergency and Security Management Studies Degree

New online degree will meet the demand for leadership positions in the growing fields of emergency management and security. Read the full news release.

Now Available – New Tools for ESS Teams!

The JIBC’s Emergency Management Division (EMD) has created two new laminated 24” x 36” size posters for Emergency Social Services (ESS) teams to use during training, exercises and operations; one chart for Reception Centres and another one for Group Lodging facilities. Learn more.

New - ESS Training Matrix

A training matrix is now available to reflect the JIBC courses available to the ESS community and training requirements and recommendations for each position.  This working document will be updated periodically when there are additions or revisions of courses to the ESS Training Program.

Last updated January 12, 2019