Prior Learning Assessment

JIBC is committed to meeting the career development and learning needs of its unique and diverse student population. We recognize that valuable learning often results from work experience or learning outside of the traditional post-secondary system, and that valid and reliable prior learning assessment and qualifications recognition can benefit students.

Credit equivalency is recognition of equivalent education earned at another post-secondary institution or learning organization.

Transfer credits (articulation agreements) occur when another post-secondary institution recognizes JIBC credits to their courses or programs.

Prior Learning Assessment is a process for granting credit in a post-secondary program based upon what you know and what you can do, no matter where or how you gained your knowledge and skills.

Reciprocity: JIBC recognizes IFSAC and ProBoard accredited courses/programs from accredited institutions/organizations. Students submitting proof of certification to a NFPA standard with either an IFSAC or ProBoard seal will be permitted to register and complete the next level of certification for the particular NFPA Standard. Students will not necessarily receive transfer credit but will be permitted to attain the next level of the NFPA standard.

For more information and resources, visit the JIBC Prior Learning Assessment page.

IAFF - HazMat/WMD Training First Responder Awareness/Operations Level Certification 

The Justice Institute of British Columbia’s (JIBC) Fire & Safety Division has received requests from students and Fire Department Training Officers to recognize the IAFF - HazMat/WMD Training First Responder Awareness/Operations Level certification (ProBoard accredited) as equivalent to the JIBC Hazardous Material Operations level course.

FSD will recognize and accept the IAFF – HazMat/WMD Awareness/Operations Certification only under the specific conditions as outlined in the Recognition of the IAFF - HazMat/WMD Awareness/Operations Certification document.

NFPA 1001 Challenge

A challenge model has been created for fire fighters who have relocated from another province or jurisdiction, have taken in-house training and not been evaluated, or who have been grand-fathered under previous initiatives.

The concept of a challenge means that a student takes part in an evaluation without having had training by that organization.

The challenge includes written exams covering all aspects of the NFPA 1001 Standard and a practical evaluation of the critical skills contained in the standard. It occurs over five (5) days and includes all written and practical evaluations of Fire Fighter I and Fire Fighter II.


The challenge process is designed to evaluate the knowledge and skills of fire fighters who are, or have been in the service, and does not include training or coaching.

Candidates must provide verification of fire fighter training by the fire chief or training officer from the department where the training was provided.

It must be clearly understood that this challenge is based on NFPA 1001 and does not result in certification or an equivalent to the Career Fire Fighter Pre-employment Certificate Program.

More Information

For more information please call the Maple Ridge Campus at 604.462.1000 or email

RPL Submissions

Submit your completed RPL Request Form, along with all relevant transcripts and documentation by one of the following methods:

Justice Institute of BC 
Admissions Office 
715 McBride Boulevard,
New Westminster, BC V3L 5T4



Please allow approximately six to eight weeks for processing.

Last updated January 11, 2019