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Hello Fire Service Trainers,

Welcome to Your Training Night Resources page. This page is intended to provide helpful information to support your training needs.


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Training Drills

Hello Fire Service Trainers,

As I attend group meetings and training sessions I have noticed a common theme. “As a Fire Chief or a Training Officer I need assistance to provide ideas for our weekly training night.”

I realize most of you also have a regular job and a family and don’t have the time to sit down and develop an extensive training program.

I strongly suggest you take a look at this training tool. I have worked with Fire Protection Publications and the author Mike Wieder. Mike has been employed by IFSTA/FPP since December, 1984. He has written over 30 books and major government reports, has published over 100 journal articles, and has written several fire training curricula. Mike has a strong grasp of the training needs for fire departments of all sizes and configuration. This resource book will enable you to conduct meaningful, creative weekly training for your members, with limited effort and time on your part.



This book can be purchased at the JIBC Book Store.

Sourcebook Chapters:

Firefighter training session – Standard firefighting skills and also includes of specialized functions such as Auto Extrication.

Save it for a Rainy Day – Due to weather conditions not training can be conducted in the great outdoors. The Rainy Day sessions are designed for those nights when you just don’t want to be outdoors.

Driver/Operator – Depending on your preference, special sessions can be set up for Driver/Operators or these sessions can be run simultaneously with another session for non-driver/operators.

Company Evolutions – Team activities and Team building is what these sessions are all about.

Practically Fun – These are full of fun and useful training activities.

Thousands of fire instructors and officers have used the first two editions of this reference to deliver easy, meaningful two- to three-hour training programs within their fire departments. Busy fire instructors and training officers who struggle to arrange and prepare weekly or monthly training drills will appreciate this text as it has 75 training sessions completely prepared and ready for implementation. Training sessions include basic firefighter skills, driver/operator skills, and activities for inclement weather, company evolutions, and competitive, yet useful, exercises.

The training sessions in this edition cover most of the major job performance requirements in the 2008 version of NFPA® 1001 and the 2009 version of NFPA 1002®. This edition is spiral bound which allows it to lie flat when being used. Each session contains information on the standards being covered; the equipment that is needed outlines for presentations and practical exercises, discussion questions, and recommended references. New to the 3rd edition is a CD-ROM contained in every manual that includes short PowerPoint® presentations for most sessions and Word® versions of every session to allow the instructor to customize the files for local use, if desired.

There is a disc provided with this manual which contains Power Point presentations to support your delivery, basic ‘WORD’ files of each session so that a file may be downloaded to a computer and altered to suit your local needs.

Fire Simulator Software

Hello Fire Service Trainers,

Go to Firefighter Training. Once there have a look at the Fire Simulation Software and the E-Learning. I like both of these sections.

Fire Simulation Software – this option allows you to build interesting visual support material for your training nights. The simulator is easy to manage and the scenarios are simple to build and store. If you’re not comfortable with this, I’m sure there is someone on your department that would enjoy building the simulations for you. The simulations add an interesting dynamic to your training. You can chose various types of buildings and add fire and smoke as you see fit.


Fire Simulator Software

If you can imagine it, 
StageIT can build it.

Your cost-effective solution for creating firefighter training simulations for the classroom or to share over a network for distance learning in remote locations. Leave your crews in their response areas while they train.

StageIT Firefighter Training Simulator is a professional compositing and editing tool that allows you to create or re-create fire, hazmat or emergency response stages of an incident and present them for testing and evaluation. StageIT uses a file and folder structure with the familiar Windows style interface to make navigation easier. StageIT comes with an extensive library of images and effects along with a printed user manual.

Creating a Simulation: No limit on the number of pictures or stages
Make your simulation as simple or as complex as your training requires. No more limits to what you can do! Published or saved simulations can be re-opened at any time to make revisions.

Extensive Media Library: Realistic Smoke, Fire & Explosion Animations
StageIT comes pre-loaded with nearly a gigabyte of clip art images, commercial and residential photographs, fire, smoke animations and over 130 sound files.

Import your own: Pictures, video, sound and clip art
Use pictures from your response area to build meaningful simulations. Import your own video and pictures of your own apparatus and equipment for added realism. Save imported files in the User Collection area in the Media Library.

Edit Media Properties: Layer, set transparency levels, adjust speed for animations
Adjust the size of animations to fit your photos - Layer smoke on top of fire - adjust the transparency for thick or sparse smoke - adjust the speed of the smoke or fire – delay the start of an animation - adjust duration of any layer – fade in or fade out - get just the effect you need.

Present Simulation: “Click-and-Go” non-linear instructor control feature
Click-and-go to any section or stage of your simulation on the organization tree to instantly change student views. Change stage views in reaction to student responses or play multiple stages in a pre-timed order.

Easily Network: Display different views simultaneously on your network
Setup student groups so you can change the view or stage of an individual student or group independent of other viewers. Instructor screen shows all student views

Export: Your completed Stages are saved as Windows Media Video files
You can export each completed stage of a simulation as a Windows Media Video file to insert into PowerPoint presentations, send via email or play them on their own. Departments that have
Iluminar Technologies’ MakeIT application can use these files to build graded simulations that can be tracked in the Iluminar Learning Management System.


Yes, I understand e-Learning can sound scary. The Action Training System is being used by fire departments in our province and they are telling me it works great. So I want to share this concept of Teaching/Practice Testing/Tracking with you. Your Firefighters will be able to use this to support their Firefighter education. This learning tool will support your members as they work through Firefighter 1 and Firefighter 2 knowledge learning. This is a great system to use in conjunction with students working through their JIBC Firefighter certification courses. The final testing of the students will be done by the JIBC-Fire Division. The material is based on the IFSTA Essentials. As it states in the advertisement, you can Teach – Practice Test – Track your member’s progress. The BC Firefighter students I have met like this tool and find it a great benefit to their learning



Computer Based Training Courses

Teach, Test, Track - Training that works

Instructionally designed Fire, EMS and Emergency Response courses that teach to current, nationally recognized standards, running on the best computer based training system in the business.


Customize courses and tests for instructor-led classroom training, self-paced independent student study or deploy in a mobile distance learning environment. The instructional design of ATS courses makes it easier to learn the material than it is to cheat. Engaging hi-resolution video immerses students in the demonstration of job skills and prerequisite knowledge. Students are quizzed as they watch the video. If a question is answered incorrectly, the program stops, backs up and shows the video clip over with the correct answer. Students must answer correctly to move ahead. They can’t continue in the course with a misconception.


Secure logins for each student. Control the use of pre-tests, final exams and customized questions you create to enhance your training results and save time. Let experienced personnel test out of courses when they demonstrate competency by passing pre-tests. Present the same course to rookies without a pre-test so they view all the course material.


Student progress is tracked and recorded automatically into your own database. Reports on all student activity are immediately available. Sensitive training records are securely saved on your own system, not hosted at an outside location. Students interrupted while taking a course can pick up where they left off or start over from the beginning.



With ILMS, we can assign the class to everybody and it’s easy to track. We run reports to tell us who has and who hasn’t had the training, and we can teach to the entire department without pulling a truck out of station and driving across town to the training facility, so now they can stay in service.”

Steve Bailey – Former Assistant Chief
Independence Fire Department

Last updated April 4, 2017