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JIBC has over thirty years of history of leadership, innovation, and collaboration with industry and public partners in the fields of justice and public safety. The Centre for Applied Research works with JIBC's Schools and Divisions to supplement and further develop their capacity for applied research. JIBC Schools and Divisions work within their disciplines to develop solutions to practical problems in applied settings.

These examples of applied research projects provide insight, new knowledge, and foster change in justice and public safety practice and education.  See also Centre for Applied Research and  JIBC Research Reports.  List of Schools & Departments

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Project TitleFunderAmount

A Canadian Inventory of Community Service Projects for High School Graduation
*December 2016-March 31, 2017
Inventory Report

Public Safety Canada$22,944

Community Emergency Communication Interoperability with ePACT Product Validation through Praxis Exercise  Development & Facilitation
* December 2014 - March 2015 

National Research Council - IRAP$24,791

Characteristics of the Grey Fleet in British Columbia
*  March - April 2014 

WorkSafeBC Road Safety at Work$41,337

Evaluation of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
* Completed October 2010 


The Effectiveness of Current Fire Fighter Rapid Intervention Teams
* 2008-2009 (completed)

WorkSafe BC

For additional information on
 Fire & Safety Research


Onroad Driving Assessment of Older Adults
* Completed 2008

  • Literature Review
  • Poster 
  • Report: On-roads Evaluation: its Use for the identification of impairment and Remediation of Older Drivers (Informa Healthcare p. 75-85)
Partner: Centre on Aging (University of Victoria) 


Project TitleFunderAmount

The Practice of Community Care Facilities Licensing in British Columbia
* July 2015 - August 2017 

Provincial Ministry of Health$172,768

A single Interprofessional Simulation Activity: Exploring the effect on student engagement relative to the Interprofessional Practice Education Framework
* October 2014 - May 2015


Restoring the Honouring Circle:  Taking a Stand Against Youth Sexual Exploitation. An Information, Prevention, and Capacity Building Manual for Rural Communities in British Columbia.
* Completed 2007 -  2011

Assistant Deputy Minister's Committee on Prostitution and Sexual Exploitation; Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General (Victim Services Division)

Balancing Conflicting Interests: A Counsellor's Guide to The Legal Process - 3rd Edition
* Completed 2011

 Law Foundation of BC $15,000

Prehospital clinical performance global rating scale, Primary Care Paramedic scale validation study
*Completed 2010 

In cooperation with the Society for Prehospital Educators of Canada 

From Diagnosis to Discernment: Fostering the Development of Clinical Judgment in Recruit Paramedics in High Fidelity Simulation Environments
* Completed 2009 

PhD Dissertation$105,000



Empowerment for Immigrant and Refugee Women who are Victims of Violence in Their Intimate Relationships
* 2007, Revised May 2008

Vancouver Foundation, BC Ministry of Solicitor General & Public Safety, BC Ministry of Community Services, & Department of Canadian Heritage. $15,000

Sexual Exploitation Toolkit:  One-stop resource for information on the commercial sexual exploitation of children and youth, with a focus on BC (online resource)
* 2008

Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General & Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Canada $21,000

Violence in the Lives of Sexually Exploited Youth and Adult Sex Workers in BC

BC Assistant Deputy Minister's Committee on Prostitution and Sexual Exploitation 



Project TitleFunderAmount

Identification of Potential Risk Factors for Injury to Police Officers using New Technologies
* 2008-2009 (completed)

WorkSafe BC$15,138

A Collaborative Approach to Ensuring the Health and Safety of Persons with Disabilities when Interacting with Law Enforcement Officers.
* 2008 - 2009 (completed)

Disabilities Health Research Network

Spectral Analysis of Canadian Currency
* 2008

Prepared for: RCMP "E" Division Commercial Crime Section $67,120

Development of a GIS Model for Predicting Marijuana Cultivation in Southern BC
* 2007

Public Safety Canada & Canadian Police Research Centre $90,250
Municipal Police Board Governance in BC
* 2003
Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General, Province of BC 
The Physical Abilities Required for General Duty Work in British Columbia's Municipal Police Forces: Re-Validating the Police Officers' Physical Abilities Test
* 2000
BC Ministry of Justice 
Police Training at the JIBC Police Academy: Supervisory Training Needs Assessment of Front Line Supervisors
* 1996
Training Officers Advisory Committee 
Klemtu Public Safety Officer Evaluation
* 1995
Solicitor General of Canada & The Ministry of Justice of BC 


Project Title FunderAmount

Supporting Students with Disabilities in Trades/ Technical Programs
* Phase 3 Pilot (April 2016-March 2017)
*Phase 1 & 2 (July 2014 - March 2016) 

Ministry of Advanced Education (AVED) with Selkirk and Camosun College187,000
Open Education Resource Drivers and Inhibitors at JIBC
* September-November 2014 
 Internal Internal

Resiliency Among Paramedic Students
* March 2012 - June 2013

Health Action Network$6,300

Student Use of Technology
*January - December 2012 



These examples of student-led research are those that obtained ethical approval through the Research Ethics Board. 


Project SchoolCredential
Life Outside the Box: Do comic book drawings reveal themes of grit, self-control, and character?
* April 2016 
SCJS Bachelor of Law Enforcement Studies
Successes and Challenges of Implementing Safe Street Acts
*April 2016
SCJS Bachelor of Law Enforcement Studies
Changes in Educational Backgrounds of JIBC Police Academy Recruits
*April 2016 
SCJSBachelor of Law Enforcement Studies
What Past Job Experiences do New Recruits at the BC Police Academy have that affect their Use of Force Training
*April 2016 
SCJSBachelor of Law Enforcement Studies
Inter Municipal Cooperation in the Fire Services
*  September 2015
SPSBachelor of Public Safety Administration
Integrating Emergency Management into local Government Corporate Culture
*December 2014 
SPSBachelor of Emergency & Security Management Studies

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