Office of Indigenization

Maintaining JIBC’s status as Canada’s leading educator in justice and public safety requires innovations on multiple fronts, one of which is indigenization. The Office of Indigenization works across JIBC to support the schools and divisions in the implementation of the JIBC Indigenization Plan. 

Throughout this process we undertake multiple collaborative efforts to support students, faculty and staff, and to both build and enhance relationships with Indigenous people, organizations and communities. Part of this work involves contributing to the development of JIBC governance, structure, policy and procedures in ways that: establish Indigenous space within and across our campuses; promote innovations in Indigenous programming and services; and support funding initiatives for the implementation of the JIBC Indigenization Plan. 


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Our Mandate

The Office of Indigenization takes an evidence-based approach, working with schools and divisions across JIBC to monitor and assess their implementation of the Indigenization Plan, and supporting scholarly activity around these successes and innovations.  In addition, the Office works to communicate and market the success of the work being done across the Institute.  OI is currently finalizing an Office of Indigenization Operational Plan: 2017-2020.  This plan is being developed in consultation with representatives from each area across JIBC, and will identify key priorities over the next four years. 

Who we are

The Office of Indigenization is staffed by a Program Director, a Coordinator, and a part-time Program Planner.  We also host a part-time Aboriginal Student Advisor and Recruiter through Student Services who is available to support Indigenous students through face-to-face meetings, phone conversations, and via email. OI also has an Elders in Residence program.  Because of the unique frequency of our programming, JIBC Elders in Residence do not have regular days in the Elders Lounge. Instead, Elders are available for instructional activity and student, staff and faculty support, and guidance by request from our program areas.     

Aboriginal Gathering Place

Launched in May on 2016, the JIBC Aboriginal Gathering Place serves as an inclusive Indigenous space to support instructional activity, cultural exchange, and community engagement. The Aboriginal Gathering Place is located between the Office of Indigenization and the JIBC Indigenous Medicine Garden. The AGP is regularly utilized for classroom delivery, administrative meetings and working sessions, lunch and learns for internal staff and faculty development, student engagement sessions, and fee-for-service workshops open to the community. 

Last updated December 11, 2018