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Improving the Health of Indigenous Peoples – What’s in a Partnership?

Dr. Evan Adams
February 12, 2014

As Deputy Provincial Medical Officer, Dr. Adams has responsibility for sharing knowledge on his current role to improve and monitor the health of the province’s native people, who have higher rates of infant mortality, hospitalization, diabetes and deaths related to AIDS, alcohol and drugs. He works with the new First Nations Health Authority that is taking over programs previously delivered by Health Canada and the provincial government. 

Métis Language, Culture, Heritage, Citizenship and the Legal Landscape Today

Bruce Dumont
January 21, 2014

Have you ever wondered what the difference in language, culture, heritage, and citizenship is between Métis people and First Nations in Canada? Did you know that since 2006, the Métis Nation in British Columbia has had a Métis Nation Relationship Accord with the Province of BC? The last several years have brought landmark cases for the Métis in Canada including the R v. PowleyR v. Daniels and R v. Manitoba Metis Federation that have changed the landscape of Aboriginal rights in Canada.

As an active Métis community member serving his community for many years, in 2004 Bruce became the Vice President for the Métis Nation British Columbia before successfully winning the election for the position of President in 2005; he is currently serving his third term as President. Bruce also sits as a Board of Governor at the national level for the Métis National Council as Minister for Culture, Heritage and Language and Minister for Health. 

First Nations Engagement and the Resource Sector

Annita McPhee
December 2, 2013

Have you ever wondered how First Nations engagement is done in communities the right way? Come listen to one of BC’s most outstanding young First Nations leaders who are paving the way on engagement in the complexity within the resource sector. 

Annita McPhee (Coscuya) is at the forefront of First Nations rights in British Columbia and Canada. Now in her third term as President of Tahltan Central Council, Annita has worked tirelessly to see that development on Tahltan territory does not have a negative impact on the culture, heritage and future of her nation’s pristine territory in Northwest British Columbia.

Insights and Experiences as a Liaison Officer with First Nations Communities

Constable Steve Hanuse
March 13, 2013

Have you ever wondered what municipal Native Liaison Officers do? Constable Hanuse will share some of his experiences working in the District Four Neighbourhood Policing Team as the Musqueam Band Native Liaison Officer and leader in delivering community policing initiatives.

Constable Steve Hanuse fom the ‘Namgis First Nation has been a member of the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) for 21 plus years. His career has involved working in the diverse communities of Vancouver, and after 7 ½ years in the much-sought-after Dog Section, Steve is now the VPD liaison officer with the Musqueam Indian Band, work Steve describes as the most rewarding of his career. 

First Nations 101

Lynda Gray
February 22, 2013

First Nations 101 is an easy to read primer that provides readers with a broad overview of the diverse and complex lives of First Nations people. Author Lynda Gray endeavours to leave readers with a better understanding of the shared history of First Nations and non-First Nations people, and ultimately calls upon all of us - individuals, communities, and governments - to play active roles in bringing about true reconciliation between First Nations and non-First Nations people.


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