The Applied Research Committee (ARC)'s mandate is to ensure the on-going development of applied research at JIBC. It provides direction and guidance to JIBC as a whole and to the Schools, Academies and Divisions that undertake research initiatives.

ARC is a forum for applied research discussion and information dissemination for representatives of JIBC Schools and shared services that work to develop or are involved with applied research initiatives. It serves as an internal and external advocacy role for JIBC applied research.


recommended areas for approval and review

  • Policies and Procedures related to the ethical conduct of research
  • Research Associates and Research Practitioners
  • Centre for Applied Research Strategy


The Annual JIBC Discovering Applied Research Day and various research-related workshops and seminars are organized by the Applied Research Committee.

See the Applied Research Committee's Terms of Reference.



Committee Members


Dr. Ron Bowles
Dean, Office of Applied Research & Graduate 



JIBC Pan-Institute Representatives

April Haddad

Heather Simpson
Centre for Aboriginal Programs & Services


Student Members

thomas Labrecque
Bachelor of Law Enforcement Studies


Christopher Paulgaard
Bachelor of Law Enforcement Studies


Darren Blackburn
School of Public Safety
Emergency Management Division


Greg Keenan
School of Criminal Justice & Safety
Justice & Public Safety Division 


Christina Bahr
School of Health, Community & Social Justice
Centre for Conflict Resolution 


Dr. Tanya Henderson
Office of Applied Research & Graduate Studies 



Rob Van Doorn
Fire & Safety Division


Svetlana Larson
Paramedic Academy, Health Sciences Division


KAren Hodson

Office of Applied Research & Graduate Studies