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JIBC advanced police training courses are restricted to employees of law enforcement agencies. These courses have limited availability and must be secured through municipal police department training officers.

Courses in this program

PLCE-1214 Advanced Tactical Surveillance Training PLCE-1201 Basic Collision Investigations
PLCE-1213 Basic Tactical Surveillance Training PLCE-1226 Child Abuse Investigations
PLCE-1229 Coaching and Mentoring PLCE-1202 Commercial Vehicle Police Enforcement
PLCE-1203 Critical Incident Managers PLCE-1205 Drug Investigators
PLCE-1204 Drug Recognition Expert PLCE-1218 Field Trainers
PLCE-1206 Forensic DNA Evidence PLCE-1217 Fundamentals of Police Instruction
PLCE-1210 General Investigative Techniques PLCE-1234 Human Source Management
PLCE-1227 Internet Investigations for Law Enforcement PLCE-1248 Interviewing Special Needs Witnesses
PLCE-1238 Intoximeter Training PLCE-1235 Introductory Surveillance
PLCE-1207 Investigative Interviewing  PLCE-1211 Major Crimes Investigation
PLCE-1208 Municipal Undercover Operator - Level 1 PLCE-1233 Municipal Undercover Operator - Level 2
PLCE-1237 Non-Firearms Weapons Identification PLCE-1247 Part VI Investigations 
PLCE-1209 Pistol Instructors PLCE-1216 Police Leadership Development
PLCE-1200 Preparation for Promotion PLCE-1249 Proceeds of Crime 
PLCE-1220 School Liaison Officer PLCE-1212 Search & Seizure
PLCE-1236  Standard Field Sobriety Training PLCE-1215 SUFIC - 3 week


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