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JIBC Sheriff Recruit Training

Is this program right for you?

Be the one advancing your career. If you are a current member of BC Sheriff Services and require advanced training to enhance your skillset, then this program is for you.

Advanced Skills 

Gain advanced skills to be more effective in your role.


Be taught by experienced and respected instructors. 

This program is available only to currently serving sheriffs. 


Courses are designed to enhance the existing skills of deputies and sheriffs so that they may more effectively execute their respective duties and/or further their career opportunities. 


Advanced courses use the performance-based training approach and are delivered by experienced and respected instructors. 

They are developed and delivered by the JIBC Sheriff Academy on behalf of the Court Services Branch of the Province of British Columbia. 


This program is available only to currently serving sheriffs.

For more information, contact the Sheriff Academy.


Q: Can I take courses in this program?
A: Courses in this program are available on a customized contract basis to organizations that require and benefit from the applied knowledge and specialized skills taught. For more information, please contact the Sheriff Academy


Q: Are these courses available for international students?

A: These courses are not available for individual registration. Organizations outside British Columbia or Canada interested in providing these courses to their employees are invited to contact the JIBC Office of International Affairs for further information.


Questions about Sheriff Training Programs?
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