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Current and future public safety heroes will benefit from new immersive learning opportunities

Donors to The JIBC Foundation’s Giving Tuesday Campaign in November helped raise more than $22,000 to increase the use of immersive training for students at the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC).

“These funds are really going to help expand student training opportunities using tools like virtual reality and 360 video at JIBC,” said Bob Walker, Director, JIBC Centre for Teaching, Learning & Innovation (CTLI). “Being able to offer more immersive simulation-based training for our students, will better prepare them for their careers. We want to thank everyone who supported the campaign.”

As technology changes, new ways of learning are rapidly developing that can make emergency responder training more effective, easier to access and safer for students. They can also reduce the environmental impact of vital training.

CTLI is leading the initiative at JIBC to expand immersive learning to all areas of public safety education and training. The Giving Tuesday Campaign will help fund additional equipment and resources, such as virtual reality headsets and specialized laptops and camera equipment, that are needed to design and incorporate immersive learning experiences into student education at JIBC.

“By contributing to the campaign this year, our donors will enhance training for current and future public safety heroes,” said Tracy Campbell, Director of the JIBC Office of Development and Executive Director of The JIBC Foundation. “On their behalf, I want to extend our sincere thanks to all those who made gifts this year to the Giving Tuesday Campaign.”



For almost 30 years, The Justice Institute of British Columbia Foundation (The JIBC Foundation) has inspired giving for important needs that enhance education, training, student learning, and applied research at JIBC. These needs most often include student financial support in the form of awards and bursaries, highly specialized training equipment and technology, and funding for innovative new initiatives. The JIBC Foundation is proud to be building meaningful relationships with communities to support Canada’s leading public safety educator.