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Course Code Previous Course Codesort icon Course Title
FIRE-1027A Fire Control 1- Practical
FIRE-1028B Hazmat Awareness - Exam
FIRE-1038B Fire Control - Exam
FIRE-1075 Live Fire Day 1
FIRE-1015 Fire Hose, Appliance & Streams
EMRG-1310 Emergency Operations Centre Overview
INVE-1429 In-System Programming for Mobile Device
INVE-1433 Programming for Mobile Device Forensics
SEVE-1004 Policing: Powers, Pittfalls & Practice
SHER-1025 Collision Avoidance Driving
PARA-BPCP PCP Program Fees
SHER-1410 Special Provincial Constable Theory
INVE-1413 Teel Cellebrite 5 Day Mobile Device Exam Mobile Device Examination
INDC-1340 Creating Positive Learning Environment
COUN-1035 Indigenous Trauma Informed Practice (TiP) with Youth: Assessment
EMRG-1733 Rope Rescue Team Leader Evaluation
DRIV-1271 Emrgergency Vehicle Regulation-Pcp
FIRE-1028A Hazmat Awareness -Practical
INVE-1427 Advanced JTAG Mobile Forensic Training
INVE-1428 Advanced Bga Chip-Off Forensics
INVE-1432 Forensics Video Field Technician
GLOB-1522 Introduction to the Canadian Justice System
INVE-1426 Blacklight Tool Training
CFAM-1040 MCFD Permanency Planning
INVE-1425 Forensic Video Field Tech
PARA-BACP3 ACP Program Fees Term 3
HLTH-1405 Intramuscular Drug Administration
INDC-1211 Tools & Activities for Trainers
EMRG-5555 Test Course
FIRE-1037B Fire Control 1&2 -Exam
INVE-1423 Ticket Violations
CORR-1165 Local Manager Orientation Training
INVE-1431 NUIX Investigations Training
INVE-1436 Oxygen Forensics Training
SHER-1000 Sheriff Home Study
SEVE-1003 AFOT Conference
INVE-1400 Application of Major Case ManaagementýThe Workplace
SHER-1310 Court Bailiff Self-Study
PARA-BACP2 ACP Program Fees Term 2
VSER-1105 New Brunswick Victim Services E-Learning
INDC-1110 Essential Skills for Training & Facilitation
CORR-1817 Justin Train the Trainer Police
FIRE-1027B Fire Control 1 - Exam
CRES-1602 Practicing Narrative Mediation
FIRE-1037A Fire Control 1 & 2 - Practical
HZMT-1125 Hazmat Custom
CORR-1160 Senior Probation Officer OrientationTraining
INVE-1430 Cellebrite JTAG Extraction and Decoding Course
INVE-1434 Enhanced Investigative Skills for EC Staff
SEVE-1002 Introduction to Narrative Mediation
FIRE-1076 Live Fire
PARA-BACP1 ACP Program Fees Term 1
DRIV-1121 Passenger Accessibility Training
CRES-1120 The Mindful Educator in Managing Conflic
HZMT-1131 Rail Tank Car Custom
DRIV-1250 4X4 Occup Off-Highway Driver Training
LAWS-4005 ABL401 Aboriginal People and Policy
ABLS-1110 ABLD110 Philosophy, Values and Ethics of Aboriginal Leadership
ABLS-1111 ABLD111 Individual and Community Wellness in Aboriginal Contexts
ABLS-1112 ABLD112 Aboriginal Leadership Development
ABLS-1113 ABLD113 Writing & Research Skills
ABLS-1114 ABLD114 Introduction to Dispute Resolution: Level I
ABLS-1115 ABLD115 Aboriginal Justice and Governance Models
ABLS-1116 ABLD116 Change Management: Aboriginal Organizations
ABLS-1117 ABLD117 Dispute Resolutions Level 2: Overcoming the Past
ABLS-1118 ABLD118 Introduction to Project Management
ABLS-1150 ABLD150 Workplace Based Practicum
CRES-1551 ACCRCC299 Assessment:Associate Certificate in Conflict Coaching
CRES-1560 ACCRM299 Assessment: Conflict Resolution/ Specialization in Mediation
CRES-1561 ACCRN299 Assessment: Conflict Resolution Specialization in Negotiation
CRES-1552 ACCRWC299 Assessment: Associate Certificate in Workplace Conflict
CORR-1300 ACO100 Managing People in Conflict with the Law
CORR-1301 ACO101 Roles and Duties of the Adult Correctional Officer
CORR-1311 ACO105 Staff Services
CORR-1312 ACO106 Institutional Safety & Security
CORR-1313 ACO107 Inmate Safety, Supervision & Control
CORR-1303 ACO108 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System (Custody)
CORR-1316 ACO109 Force Options
CORR-1314 ACO110 Basic Case Management
CORR-1317 ACO111 Systems
CORR-1315 ACO113 Interpersonal Communication Skills
CORR-1310 ACO114 Program Overview
CORR-1318 ACO117 Post Orientation
CORR-1320 ACO120 Health & Wellness
CORR-1321 ACO121 Harassment, Bullying & Discrimination Prevention
CORR-1322 ACO122 Self Confidence
CORR-1324 ACO123 Leadership at the Front
CORR-1330 ACO130 Drug Awareness
CORR-1331 ACO131 Special Needs Offenders
CORR-1332 ACO132 Suicide Prevention & Intervention
CORR-1333 ACO133 Aboriginal Awareness
CORR-1334 ACO134 Advanced Case Management
CORR-1336 ACO135 Managing Women Offenders
CORR-1337 ACO138 Teamwork & Cooperation
CORR-1400 ACO140 Security Officer Orient-Nunavut RIHF
CORR-1401 ACO141 Communication Skills-Nunavut RIHF Interpersonal Comm. Sk. RIHF
CORR-1402 ACO142 Inst. Safety & Security-Nunavut RIHF
CORR-1403 ACO143 Physical Intervention Nunavut RIHF
CORR-1404 ACO144 Security Officer Orientation-Nunavut