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The Assessment: Associate Certificate in Workplace Conflict is a mail-in assessment which is why you may see a comment below that there are currently no available classes. That is because you enroll when you have completed your assessment and are ready to pay the fee and submit the assessment for marking. The assessment for the Associate Certificate in Workplace Conflict is a mail-in assessment that consists of a recording of a collaborative conflict resolution conversation based upon a reallife workplace situation (can be created during the optional course CRES-1475: Role-play Practice Course, or be a specially made recording created by the learner for this assessment) and a structured, reflective essay, designed to self-assess the recording and document the learning and change experienced by the student during the program. Note: You cannot submit or pay for your assessment untill you complete all four required courses for the Associate Certificate in Workplace Conflict. Note: students may not use the recordings from either CRES-1200 (Formerly: Conflict on the Front Line: Leaders as Conflict Resolvers, or CRES-1170.


  • CRES-1200, and CRES-1210
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Assessment: Workplace Conflict
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05/01/2021 - 08/31/2021

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