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To receive your Certificate in Conflict Resolution: Specialization in Mediation/Third-party Intervention, you must successfully complete this assessment. The assessment consists of a written self-evaluation, a written preparation for the mediation assessment to be role-played, a 60-minute role-playing simulation with the participant acting as the mediator, and an oral questioning period during which the participant is asked to identify key concepts of the program as they relate to the roleplay. You can choose to do your assessment in-person at the JIBC New Westminster campus, through a virtual live session online, or through mail-in option at your convenience.

Note: Prior to completion of your assessment, it is recommended you will have completed all your required courses and most of your electives. You will need to be enrolled in the Mediation/Third Party Intervention Certificate Program. If you do not see suitable assessment dates listed in our course calendar, please contact

Virtual Offerings: JIBC's Blackboard system requirements: Use the BB system check link to ensure your computer system is properly configured for our web courses. It verifies your browser version, settings and display settings on your computer. Click here for more on BB Browser Support. In this class, video conferencing will be used. Learners must have a camera and microphone. For an improved learning experience learners are encouraged to use a headset with mic rather than the computer speakers and internal mic. This course was previously offered in a face-to-face or mail-in format only.


  • CRES-1150 or CRES-1152, & CRES-1410 OR CRES-1280, & CRES-1270
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