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Building a solid rapport in the supervisor-supervisee relationship is the foundation of an effective supervisory alliance. Studies on the topic of interpersonal neurobiology and neuroscience provide evidence for the need to enhance relational awareness and competencies in clinical supervision. Moreover, research has found a positive correlation between the strength of a supervisory alliance and supervisees' self-efficacy, as well as the supervisees' professional relationships with clients and outcomes of the supervisory experience. In this course, learners will gain insights concerning effective supervision and how to apply relational models within the supervisory process. The experiential learning in this course will take place in a supportive community. This course will offer learners the chance to develop deeper awareness of intrapersonal and interpersonal processes: This includes greater awareness of what is happening within the supervisor, within the supervisee and between the supervisor and the supervisee during the supervison process. There will be an emphasis on the development of the supervisee and the supervisor through the practice and embodiment of relational competencies in clinical supervision.This course is instructed by Dr. Michelle Mann, RCC.


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