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Dr. Dan Siegel presents: Mindfulness, Mindsight and the Brain: What is Mind and Mental Health? Can we describe a 'healthy mind'? In everyday life, we feel and think, remember and perceive, based on the flow of energy and information. When we view the mind as a regulatory process, we are able to see how we can strengthen the mind and create mental health by stabilizing the way we sense energy and information flow, and the way we then shape that flow toward a process called "integration"-the linkage of different parts of a system. We can learn to create mental health by learning to monitor our emotions with more stability and modify our thinking toward integration with our actions. Dr. Siegel outlines strategies to monitor and modify energy and information flow with more clarity and power, and also describes how this concept of integration can serve as an organizing principle that illuminates mindsight, harmony, resilience, and vitality.


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