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About the Event


The Emergency Management Division, in partnership with Emergency Management British Columbia (EMBC), offers free webinars related to emergency management, disaster risk reduction, and other mitigation measures.

This upcoming webinar will discuss how the emergence of COVID-19 and the growing frequency and magnitude of fire, flood and severe storm events has intensified the focus on First Nations and Local Authority preparedness. Elected officials and public servants must continue to serve their communities even when internal operations have been impacted.  

Business Continuity planning allows First Nations and Local Authorities to protect residents and the critical services they rely on despite challenging or extreme circumstances. This session will: 

  • Explain the difference and connection between Emergency Management and Business Continuity.
  • Provide a brief overview of Business Continuity fundamentals.
  • Demonstrate the value of Business Continuity.

To submit questions in advance, please email them to by Tuesday, October 27, 2020 and join us for the webinar to hear responses from the speaker/panel.  


  • Rian Jones, Senior Advisor, Business Continuity Management Program EMBC
  • Ryan Wainwright, Senior Regional Manager, Vancouver Island Region (VIR) EMBC