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About the Event

Hosting with Humility: Lessons from Timmins’ 2019 Host Community Experience

This presentation will share findings about the impacts of hosting evacuees on a host community in Northern Ontario and what improvements can be taken by various partners to reduce negative impacts on host communities and negative experiences for First Nations evacuees. Research findings indicated barriers that have contributed to Ontario's limited hosting capacity with the hope that lessons can be applied in other contexts. The presentation will include some BC-specific content and literature. As we experience the uncharted impacts of environmental degradation and climate change, we must prepare to take care of one another, but we must also ensure minimal disruptions by ensuring EM capacity building occurs in tandem.

Presenter: Maia Foster-Sanchez, Disaster Researcher & Emergency Manager

To submit questions in advance, please email them to by Tuesday, November 24, 2020 and join us for the webinar to hear responses from the speaker/panel.