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About the Event

“Bread for all and Roses too! Bread which is home, shelter, and security, and the Roses of life: music, education, nature, and books.” – Helen Todd, American women’s suffrage activist, 1910

Dec. 6 marks the 32nd anniversary of the 1989 Montréal Massacre, where 14 women were murdered and 10 injured simply because they were women. 

JIBC invites you to join a special observance and virtual candlelight vigil to remember those we have lost to gender-based violence, support those experiencing it, and reconfirm our commitment to bringing it to an end.   

  • This event is hosted by Daniella Sieukaran (JIBC Staff/Faculty Member). 
  • JIBC Elder-In-Residence Caroline Buckshot, whose traditional name is KaNigan a Pit, meaning “Woman who teaches,” will provide opening and closing remarks.
  • Our guest speaker is Nahed Mourad, Bilingual Research Coordinator of YWCA Canada, the nation’s largest and oldest gender equity organization. At the YWCA, she brings years of research rigor to the world of advocacy by engaging with disaggregated empirical data-based designs and methodologies. For the past 15 years, she has conducted research within the field of linguistic justice and the intersection with refugee crises. Specifically, Nahed’s research has explored the effects of misogynist language in the health care of women in refugee camps and how that translates to their overall outcomes. In her talk, she will be discussing why the legacy of the 14 women murdered in the Montréal Massacre is still important and relevant all these years later.​​​​​​

This event is in collaboration with Jason La Rochelle (Director, Office of Indigenization) and with sponsorship of Cindy Dopson (Vice-President, People & Culture). 

Join us via MS Teams