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You can help make a difference by joining The JIBC Foundation’s Giving Tuesday campaign to fund vital resources for the JIBC Library.

Help us raise $20,000 to provide specialized digital resources that support learning and teaching for tomorrow’s justice and public safety heroes.

Support a unique justice & public safety resource

This year’s Giving Tuesday campaign at JIBC aims to make a difference for students by enhancing digital resources for the JIBC Library. The demand for these resources continues to grow, and last year more than 30,000 articles and ebooks were downloaded by JIBC students and faculty.

JIBC students at the library
JIBC student in the Library

Contribute to Student Success

“Digital resources have become increasingly important for student learning and teaching,” said April Haddad, JIBC's Director, Library Services. “This year, we have seen a further increase in demand as many classes moved online due to the pandemic. By enhancing digital resources such as ebooks, students will have better access to the information they need to be successful.”

Students come to JIBC for specialized education and training to enter a wide range of justice and public safety careers. The JIBC Library directly supports student success with its extensive collection of materials on subjects including conflict resolution, corrections, criminology, emergency management, emergency medicine, fire, Indigenous Peoples, policing, and search and rescue. 


Help in a time of Need

Robert Hendry, a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Law Enforcement Studies from Alberta, said the JIBC Library’s digital resources were integral to his graduation last spring. “I think the biggest aspect and the biggest benefit of the electronic resources was during the pandemic when I had to come home. I was able to access everything I needed and finish my final term paper online. So that was very, very instrumental to graduating, being able to access everything.”

Image of JIBC students in the Library

Double Your Impact

“The JIBC Library is very much the heart of JIBC, providing vital resources and assistance to students, faculty and staff, wherever they are located,” said Tracy Campbell, Director of the JIBC Office of Development and Executive Director of The JIBC Foundation. “In recognition of the library’s vital role, The JIBC Foundation is pleased to match the first $10,000 in donations, helping to double the impact of donor gifts to this year’s Giving Tuesday campaign.”

Every day, JIBC graduates are there for people in their times of need. Their JIBC education and training has helped them respond effectively in critical situations. 

Support the Next Chapter of Student Success Today

How to donate

Thank you for supporting JIBC and our students. You can make your gift in the following ways:


Complete the donation form online at jibc.ca/donate.


Please make your cheque payable to "The JIBC Foundation."

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