Ares Course Reserves

Used by faculty/staff to upload course materials into a repository, vetted by Library staff for copyright compliance. Includes assignments, audiovisual items, documents, and books. Students access these resources through their BlackBoard course.

Getting started ...

Logging in:

  • Log into your course with Blackboard 9, the JIBC eLearning software.
  • Select a course from the list and review the course details located at the top of the page.
  • Click Add Reserve Items under Instructor Course Tools located on the left hand side column.
    • Choose one of forms that best applies to your material and fill in as much information as possible.
    • Select the method in which the material will be supplied.
    • Click Submit Item.
    • Repeat for all reserve requests.
  • Ares will displays status information for each individual request as they are processed by library staff. 
    • Once they are processed, a message will indicate that the reading is available to your students, either as a link in Ares or as a short-term loan in the library.

Features ...

  • Cross-list your readings with another course you're teaching.
  • Create tags for easy organization of your readings, for example "week 1", week 2", etc.
  • Choose either Instructor tags or Personal tags. Instructor tags are visible for students in your course and personal tags are for your own use and and not visible to students.
  • Sort the order in which you wish the students to view the resources.
    • Click and drag the resource "box" to rearrange the items in a specified order, or sort by one of the methods in the drop down box.
    • Click Save Order.
    • Students cannot override this order. They can choose to sort by their work by different methods, but cannot save the sort.
  • Click on Reserve Item Usage to view which readings on your courses are being used and how much.
  • Automatically notify students by e-mail (if they signed up for notifications) when Reserve items become available.
    • Recommend to your students to sign up for notifications.

For additional information, please visit our Ares Course Reserves Subject Guide.

Last updated January 18, 2019