Ordering Course Material

Book and DVD Previews

We will bring in items for you to preview.  Once the item arrives, we will contact you and ask that you completed one of the following forms:

Class Texts

Please contact the JIBC store who will order the texts for you.

A copy of each of your course texts must be provided to JIBC Library's Course Text collection. All titles will be shelved next to the Reference collection and cannot be circulated, and will remain in the Library for student/ instructor consultation.

If you would like to recommend that the item you are ordering should also be purchased for our Library collection, please let April Haddad know.

We also welcome suggestions of items to purchase for the Library. Let us know the titles and we can bring them in on approval for you.

Office Material

We can order books, videos/DVDs, or journals for your office. Just provide us with your Division's budget code and an email confirming purchase authorization.

Last updated January 18, 2019