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November 25, 2016

Conflict resolution techniques highlighted at JIBC event

Justice Minister Suzanne Anton on hand to declare Conflict Resolution Week

BC Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton welcomes those in attendance and officially declares Nov. 19-26 as Conflict Resolution Week.


The Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC), in partnership with Mediate BC, hosted Conflict Revolution – Seize the Opportunity! on Nov. 24 to mark Conflict Resolution Week 2016.

BC Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton was on hand to welcome those in attendance at the morning session and to declare Nov. 19-26 as Conflict Resolution Week in the province. 

“JIBC is pleased to host both this event and BC Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton,” said Dr. Michel Tarko, JIBC President and CEO.  “We are proud of our Centre for Conflict Resolution and its experiential programs designed to improve students’ ability to respond to conflict as part of building stronger communities.”

Keynote speaker Kent Highnam, a mediator and JIBC's Program Director for the School of Health, Community and Social Justice during his presentation.


Two free, fully-booked workshops were held at JIBC’s New Westminster campus. Each half-day workshop began with keynote speaker Kent Highnam, a mediator and JIBC’s Program Director for the School of Health, Community and Social Justice. His presentation explored how and why conflict is one of the most frequent and challenging forms of social interaction.

“Conflict can be seen as something to be avoided, as something to be resolved, or as something to be learned from,” said Highnam. “Conflict is neither good nor bad; conflict just ‘is’. How we view conflict colours our experience of it and drives our behavior when we’re in it. Connecting with the positive possibilities of conflict will increase our abilities to engage in it.”

Highnam’s presentation was followed by a panel discussion with representatives from organizations in the conflict resolution field – Mediate BC, Civil Resolution Tribunal, Abbotsford Restorative Justice and Advocacy Association, Family Justice Service Division of the Ministry of Justice, British Columbia Arbitration and Mediation Institute (BCAMI), WorkSafe BC, and the Native Education Centre.

BC Justice Minister Suzanne Anton and Jim McGregor, chair of JIBC's Board of Governors.


“Conflict affects many areas of life; workplace, family, small businesses, community, etc. People are hungry for better ways to prevent and resolve conflict, and to know where they can turn when they need assistance,” explains Mediate BC CEO Monique Steensma. “Building capacity to deal with ongoing and future conflict is essential for success in all areas of life today.”

Conflict Resolution Week was started in BC by Mediate BC in 2014 with backing from the Law Foundation of BC to highlight healthy conflict resolution skills and options such as mediation. This year’s theme is Seize the Opportunity to Prevent, Manage and Resolve Conflict.

Conflict Revolution – Seize the Opportunity was recorded and is available for viewing in two parts:




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