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December 13, 2017

JIBC and Okanagan College students gain vital experience working together in an emergency

Donor support provides hands-on training to improve patient care


Students take part in an inter-professional training day at the JIBC Okanagan campus in Kelowna.


A man is found at home by his Health Care Assistant in a confused state, his hands shaking and sweat beading from his forehead. She identifies that he has taken a double dose of insulin and calls her supervisor, a Practical Nurse, for support. After assessing the patient, the Practical Nurse decides to call 911 to have local paramedics bring the patient to the hospital. With the clock ticking, what kind of information do the Health Care Assistant and Practical Nurse need to collect, and what do they need to share with the paramedics when they arrive? What do paramedics need to tell nurses and doctors once they arrive at the hospital? These are just some of the questions students had to address in a hands-on training event held recently at the JIBC Okanagan campus.

Health Care Assistant and Practical Nursing students from Okanagan College joined JIBC Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) students for an inter-professional training day aimed at giving students valuable experience working together.

“This kind of inter-professional training provides invaluable experience to everyone involved,” said Kathy Harms, Director of JIBC’s Health Sciences Division. “In a safe learning environment, this kind of scenario-based training helps our students develop an understanding of the scope and role of different health care disciplines involved in the provision of patient care.”


From left: Kathy Harms, Director of JIBC's Health Sciences Division, Cheryl Miller, Director of Grants and Community Initiatives at the Central Okanagan Foundation, and Marie-Claire Concannon, of The JIBC Foundation, at the inter-professional training day in Kelowna.

Working in small groups that included members from each program, the students completed two scenarios during the day. Each scenario included a debriefing period to enable the students to discuss what they had learned with, from, and about each other.  

After completing the day, JIBC PCP student Natasha Rostom said, "The inter-professional day at the Justice Institute of British Columbia was a great learning experience. The simulations included different points of patient care, so we all had the unique opportunity to see what Health Care Assistants, Practical Nurses and Primary Care Paramedics do for the patient. Throughout the day our communication and teamwork skills improved and the calls went more smoothly. Thank you for this fun learning opportunity."

Funding to support the training day at the JIBC Okanagan campus was provided by the Central Okanagan Foundation, with additional funding from JIBC honorary degree recipient Peter W. Webster through the Pender Fund at the Vancouver Foundation.


Students from JIBC and Okanagan College express their thanks to donors for helping to fund the recent inter-professional training day in Kelowna.


Cheryl Miller, Director of Grants and Community Initiatives at the Central Okanagan Foundation, who joined the students at the start of the day, said “The Central Okanagan Foundation recognized the importance in financially supporting the Justice Institute of British Columbia to offer students an extraordinary learning opportunity through the inter-professional education experience.”

Over the past year, JIBC has received several donations to support innovative training and education opportunities like the inter-professional education day. “Financial and in-kind support from the local community is vital for enhancing the education and training our first responders receive at JIBC,” said Tracy Campbell, Executive Director, The Justice Institute of British Columbia Foundation. “We greatly appreciate the Central Okanagan Foundation and Peter W. Webster, for helping bring together more than 70 future health care professionals to gain the vital experience they need to successfully support patients in their community.”


About The Justice Institute of British Columbia Foundation

For more than 20 years, The Justice Institute of British Columbia Foundation (The JIBC Foundation) has inspired giving for important needs that enhance education, training, student learning and applied research at JIBC. These needs most often include student awards and bursaries, new equipment and technology, and other tools related to student success. As the recipient and steward of charitable gifts, The JIBC Foundation is building meaningful relationships with communities to support Canada’s leading public safety educator.

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