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March 14, 2011

JIBC online learning capacity at work

JIBC partners with Government of Alberta on innovative training program

On February 17, Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security – through its Victims Services Branch – launched online training for victim services advocates, in partnership with the JIBC. The online certificate program is the first of its kind in Canada.

The primary goal of the Alberta Victim Advocate Core Training Certificate is to provide victim services advocates with the knowledge and skills needed to support victims of crime and to familiarize them with the resources available to clients. 

Alberta Victims Services turned to JIBC, given its expertise in the subject matter, as well as considerable experience with online program development and delivery. “We appreciate the partnership with Alberta Victims Services in developing this unique training tool.  It’s an approach that could potentially benefit victim services advocates across the country,” said Pam White, Dean, JIBC School of Community & Social Justice.

The School’s Centre for Counselling and Community Safety developed two versions of the online program for frontline advocates, coordinators and staff, as well as a shorter refresher version for those who had previously been certified.

A pilot version of the three courses, involving 250 participants, was undertaken between October and December 2010. Four hundred students were registered at the recent launch of this innovative program, and interest has been expressed in adopting this new delivery model in other jurisdictions.

Tanya Helton, Supervisor, Training and Information in Victims Services at the Government of Alberta, said: “I would like to thank the JIBC for its expertise in online justice and public safety training, which has proved to be a great fit for Alberta’s victim services e-learning curriculum. 

“With the JIBC’s help, we have been able to develop a cutting-edge program, which is a first for victims services in Canada.

“The JIBC provides exceptional technical assistance for our online learners, making this innovative training program accessible for volunteers and staff across the province, including those in rural and remote communities.”

Alberta Victims Services e-Learning web page

For more information about custom training solutions available from the JIBC School of Community and Social Justice, see:

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