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October 17, 2011

JIBC participating in 2011 Great British Columbia ShakeOut

“Drop, Cover and Hold on” for earthquake safety

At 10:20 am on October 20, 2011, students, faculty and staff at JIBC campuses will "drop, cover, and hold on" with over 400,000 people in BC as part of the Great British Columbia ShakeOut. This will be the largest earthquake drill in Canadian history, simultaneously conducted in areas across North America including the Yukon, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, and Guam.

BC is located in a seismically active region; each year a few thousand earthquakes occur in and adjacent to the province. The Great British Columbia ShakeOut is designed to ensure that we are better prepared for major earthquakes, and know how to protect ourselves when they happen.

JIBC is just one of many post-secondary institutions that have been invited to participate in the earthquake drill. JIBC’s Emergency Management Division is leading the Institute’s participation in the drill. The Emergency Management Division has led earthquake simulation exercises as part of the Exercise Design training it delivers for public and private organizations.

Drop, cover and hold on, on October 20, 2011:

  1. An air horn will sound on JIBC campuses at 10:20 am.
  2. Students, faculty and staff will Drop to the ground, take Cover under a table or desk, and Hold On to it as if a major earthquake were happening (stay down for 120 seconds).
  3. An air horn will sound again once the drill is over.

JIBC is encouraging students, faculty and staff at all JIBC campuses to participate in this important event.

For more information, see the Great British Columbia ShakeOut website.

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