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November 8, 2017

JIBC provides essential high-rise firefighting training for UAE firefighters

Training to enhance skills and capacity of fire officers serving in a region with many of the tallest buildings in the world

First group of UAE Firefighters 2017First group of firefighters from the United Arab Emirates at the JIBC New Westminster campus at the start of their customized training provided by the Fire & Safety Division


Over the next six weeks, 50 firefighters from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be completing specialized training to expand their capacity to respond to high-rise fire incidents.

The Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) Fire & Safety Division worked with the Emirates Fire and Rescue Company (EFRC) to develop this customized three-week workshop for officers in UAE Civil Defence. The program is being delivered in partnership with the Surrey Fire Service and will provide the foundational skills for the participants who will be responsible for supervising and coordinating emergency response, with an emphasis around high-rise fire incidents.

The training will cover topics such as understanding typical issues with high-rise fire operations, fire prevention and inspection, incident command system and emergency scene management for emergency incidents, and include hands-on, scenario-based tactical field training focused on high-rise fire incidents.

The first group of 25 firefighters arrived in early November, and a second group will arrive three weeks later. Much of the classroom-based training will be conducted at the JIBC New Westminster campus, combined with site visits to high-rise buildings and culminating with hands-on scenario training occurring at the Surrey Fire Service Training Centre.

“The JIBC Fire & Safety Division is pleased to work with Emirates Fire and Rescue Company to support these senior members from UAE Civil Defence, in partnership with the Surrey Fire Service,” said Peter Grootendorst, Director of the Fire & Safety Division. “This training will provide the essential knowledge and skills they need to help keep people safe in a region that is home to many of the tallest buildings in the world.”

“The Emirates Fire & Rescue Company (EFRC), as preferred training provider of UAE Civil Defence, highly appreciates the opportunity to cooperate with such an esteemed organization like the Justice Institute of British Columbia,” said Sven Geissler, CEO of EFRC. “We are confident that this training and sharing of experiences will add value to UAE Civil Defence and could be the starting point of a very fruitful and beneficial cooperation between JIBC and EFRC in the near future.”

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